Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Peace Out 2007

This post isn’t a look back at 2007. The title leads you to believe I’m going to rehash the good and bad from 2007, which would be a good idea if I’d done it last week. By now, I feel like everyone has heard enough about 2007 and ready to move on to 2008. Am I right or am I right? I mean, yesterday I heard Ryan Seacrest’s count down- twice. There’s no need for that! Anyway, I came up with the title of this post while I was running, and it kind of stuck, so there you have it. But this post is basically a Weekend Update. I had a four-day weekend, so there’s bound to be good stuff that happened to me over four days…I guess?

Tonya & Suzy came over for a relaxing Friday evening. What is better than a relaxing Friday evening after the crazy Christmas days? Nothing I tell you! The evening began with the opening of Christmas presents. After all the presents were opened we enjoyed a great dinner, Chicken Taco Soup. I made the soup and it was great! I actually made up the recipe as I went along. I find that sometimes making up recipes is not a good idea, but I was lucky this one turned out delicious. After we stuffed ourselves we watched Material Girl with Hillary Duff and the other Duff girl. So it’s a kid movie, and I’m 26 what’s the big deal? Right, I look like a dork. Ok, moving on to Saturday….

I can’t say I accomplished a lot Saturday, or this whole weekend. Saturday I spent a large portion of the day watching 24. I’ve never seen the 24 series. My coworker has me watching the 1st season while I’m on Christmas break with school. It’s good. I’m not going to lie I’ve been glued to my TV for a week with this series. Although, that’s not really saying a whole lot, I can be glued to my TV for a Hallmark movie! But 24 is pretty good. I’ve been slowing watching all 24 episodes, and Saturday I decided to knock out 3-4 episodes. I of course, never fail at a TV mission and watched 4 episodes!
After I pulled myself from the TV I went to the movies. I went to see Charlie Wilson War. I had no idea what this movie was about, but it got going I became to enjoy the movie. I recommend it, but I don’t recommend you pay full price. Do you realize it cost 9.50 to go to the movies? 9.50! Here’s the conversation between the ticket lady and myself Saturday night….

Me: One student ticket to Charlie Wilson War?
Lady: $8.00
Me: Did you give me the student price?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Good grief how much does it cost to go the movies? As I’m asking I’m searching for a sign listing prices.
Lady: Adult ticket is 9.50!
Me: FOR A MOVIE! Is there anything here worth seeing for 9.50?

I’m lucky I had a gift card because I honestly think I would have turned around and walked away from the movies. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to spend 9.50 for a movie.

More 24, until dark. I have this rule…no 24 at night. See, I get scared and have nightmares if I watch 24 at night. The first night I watched an episode at 10:00pm, by 11:00pm I was dreaming Russians had kidnapped me! So after church, when it was dark, Jamie and I watched a movie. We turned this movie on thinking it would be horrible, but surprisingly it was good. I highly recommend Miss Congeniality 2. Honestly, it was cute!

I was off work. I decided to honor my day off by sleeping in until 8:30! Monday was New Year’s Eve. This is probably where I’m supposed to talk about my amazing New Year’s Eve plans. The lavish parties I attended, and great New Year’s kiss I received at midnight. But sadly, I did not attend a swanky party. I did not get dressed up in my new party dress; AND I did not receive a kiss at midnight, or even stay up until midnight. This grandma went home and hung out with her parents. Sad? I hardly call that a bad evening. My mom and I hit the Walgreen’s after Christmas sale. People, I got rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for $.25 a piece. You cannot pass up on these good deals!

My dad and I woke up at 9:00am to participate in a 5K race. We wanted to start the New Year off right. My mom said we were crazy. It was 19 degrees when our race started. I see the positive in running a race with freezing cold temperatures. This is an opportunity to try out my new winter running clothes. Again my mom said we were crazy. Well whatever we were, crazy or cool I ran a 5K in the morning. Oh and I must add that this is where I thought of the Peace Out 2007 title. I believe I thought of this after I lost the feeling of both hands.
After I thawed out my family went to see National Treasure. Great movie! I stamp it $9.50 worthy!

Well there you have it…the last days of 2007 and the first day of 2008. The common theme along all these days is…TV and movies. Huh, really no different than normal.


Bone said...

Wow, you really watched a lot of movies.

24 is very addictive, especially the first few seasons. I guess the new season starts up soon. Too bad you weren't watching last year when I recapped every episode on my blog :)

How'd you do in your race?

OK Chick said...

I did pretty good. I ran the race in 33 minutes...which is good because I haven't ran in alot of months. Oh and I ran the WHOLE thing.

Kara said...

LOL. We're so similar it scares me sometimes!

No New Years resolutions here either. And for exactly the same logic as you!

Also tucked up in bed at 11.30pm on NYE. I spent my night watching One Tree Hill on DVD and eating banoffee pie as my 'farewell to junk food' for ten weeks.

That btw was not a New Years resolution - I simply counted ten weeks back from my brother's wedding because I have to fit into a dress by then that is currently somewhat um snug and the two things happened to coincide!