Thursday, January 3, 2008

Here's to you 8%!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I know they say that everyone makes them, but I don’t. I used to, when I was younger; before I understood the definition of resolution. But now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve stopped making the resolutions. I mean, why do we clean the slate on January 1st. Why can’t we begin change on May 15th, or April 15th after we’ve paid our taxes? Who set this January 1st rule?

In my opinion, which doesn’t amount much, I feel that New Year’s Resolutions are pointless. I’m not good at following through with changes until I’m ready to make the change. For example, I can say I’m going to lose weight everyday of the week for entire month, and not lose a single pound. In all honesty, I’ll probably gain weight. Why? Well it’s simply, I won’t get serious about losing weight until my favorite jeans don’t fit, or something really inspires me to get healthy. I usually do better when I’m inspired, not mad.

This year is no different than the previous years. I did not wake up on January 1st thinking…today is going to be a new day. Remember? I got up and ran a race on January 1st. There is nothing new about my dad and I running races. But I respect people that did wake up on January 1st and think today is the beginning of a new year. Good for them! Let’s take my aunt for example. She sent me this email today….

Well, I thought I would made myself a promise each month, just take it one month at a time. Jan I was going to watch my mouth and try to be positive (they work together) haha.. Sooooooo, I wake up bright and early Jan 1st....think today is going to be a great day!!!!! I open the door to take a first breath of fresh Jan 2008 air, the cat runs out and I try to put my foot out to stop her. I BROKE my lil toe, cussed like a sailor shut the door and decided maybe this was not going to be a good plan???? So instead of trying to be a ray of sunshine i think I will stick to drop 5 pds this month!! Ha...

Did you know that 8% people keep their New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not making up this statistic. I know I make up statistics but this one is true. I believe, I read it somewhere. I think it was on Bone’s blog, or maybe I heard it on the radio? Well it doesn’t matter where I heard the 8%. Blogger World, just know it was a creditable source! Anyway, back to the 8%. I think those people deserve some praise. They spent a year in change. Maybe they lost weight, got organized, found a date, fixed their finances, ran a marathon, or stopped drinking pop like my friend Rachael. Whatever they did, I top my hat to the 8%. They beat the odds. They made changes that were difficult. They didn’t quit when everyone else quit. They made themselves a better person. The 8% are my hero today!

So for everyone out there making New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you beat the odds. I hope you become part of next year’s 8%.


TC said...

Bone's blog counts as a credible source? Really? :)

OK Chick said...

Well....I was just saying that to see if he's reading my blog. HA!
But I'm pretty sure he only makes up 30% of his facts where I make up 67.8%.

TC said...

I kind of wondered if that wasn't what you were doing :)

Actually, I'd be surprised if he makes up a full 30% of them... if so, his darling Wikipedia is failing him! ;-) (I would have bet he only makes up what he can't find by Wikiing it...)

OK Chick said...

Oh yea, I forgot about his Wikipedia fascination.

TC said...

Is his infamous memory wearing off on you? :)