Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Tuesday. I like Tuesday so much better than Mondays. Wouldn’t you agree? I think on Mondays my creative flow is still on weekend vacation. It’s hard to think of something clever to post about on Monday. This is why I do my Weekend Updates on Tuesday. I feel I’ve explained this before, so we’ll move on to the rad weekend I experienced. Yes, I just used the word rad in a sentence. Do you think I can bring the word rad back as popular slang? Blogger World, today you have a mission. Everyone should use rad in their blogs or daily talk. Fine, I can already tell that no one is going to play that game. Oh well, I tried. Ok, shall we get on to Weekend Updates? I believe we shall....

I went to a small devotional with people from my church. Devotional. I don’t like that word. It makes me feel like I’m 12 years old and I should bring cookies as a snack afterwards. We need to develop a new word for devotional. Oh about RAD! Kidding. I will be using small bible study from here on out. Anyway, the small bible study was very good. One of my friends gave a great lesson. It was short and sweet. There wasn’t a lot of fluff in his talk. He said what he needed to say and wrapped it up. I think speakers that follow that format are more successful than speakers who speak for an hour about nothing.

After the small bible study I went out with Guy #3. If anyone out there is counting, this makes date #2 with Guy #3. It was a fun evening. We had dessert and then went to a place on the lake for an appetizer. Yes, I realize we did all that in the wrong order but I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I had dessert. Hey what can I say, I’m a girl who likes to eat. I guess that doesn’t bother him. If it bothers him, he better bow out now.

During the day it was boring things like- getting my oil changed and working on homework. I’ll spare you the details about getting my oil changed.
However, Saturday night was heaps of fun. Saturday was a special celebration. My friend Stacey had a birthday. Of course, a celebration of her birth was in order. The Birthday Girl invited a small group for a movie/dinner celebration. We started off the evening with a showing of 27 Dress. Oh my goodness, 27 Dresses is a fabulous movie. It’s very much worth $9.00. After the movies we went to great Italian restaurant to load up on carbs. It was very fun. I think the Birthday Girl enjoyed herself and I know all her guest had fun. I have pictures, but you guys know I’m horrible about posting pictures. But stay tuned for Stacey’s Blog dedication.



monamachel1 said...

So, me and one of my friends have started trying to bring back different stuff. You can join us with the word rad. Mine is hair scrunchies. I miss them!! Hers was the running man. PS, I would recommend breaking out the word rad before I would the running man. You get less weirdo looks!!

TC said...

I will not be using the word rad... sorry.

I want to go see 27 Dresses! And I never want to go see movies badly.

Stacey said...

It was a fun evening. Thanks for coming! I don't know who took the "dessert" picture, but I'm a little afraid of where that one might show up. =o)

Suzy said...

Wasn't Lindsy the one with the camera? I think she gave you fair warning when she said be wathcing for a Stacey post. Still the most random dessert I've ever seen given at a restaurant. Who would have thought about using vanilla wafers like that.

Kara said...

So is Guy #3 going to get a Date #3??