Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My new want

As a female I have many wants. Actually, I think all genders have an equal amount of wants. Men want big toys; women want clothes and pedicures. Wow if that last sentence isn’t stereotypical I don’t know what is! I’m a girl filled with wants and lots of them. I’m not ashamed to admit I want a lot of materialistic things. The difference is I recognize that it’s a want and not a need. For example, I don’t need a new skirt from Ann Taylor--I just want it. If I recite something similar to the above phrase, I usually put up the “want” back and walk out of the store. But sometimes I splurge and buy myself one of my wants. Blogging World I’d like to introduce you to my latest want…

Guitar Hero! Yes, I realize it’s silly. What’s even sillier is I don’t even have a Playstation, let alone a Playstation 2. I have no idea how to even work the high tech thing. While I was in New Mexico I discovered Guitar Hero. I must say it’s the greatest game-ever! I haven’t played a video game so fun since Tetris 2 on the ghetto Nintendo. My sister and I played Guitar Hero for about three hours. The time just flew by as I rocked out to The Police and Gun’s N Roses. I am serious it was so much fun. I made the announcement at dinner that I was quitting my job and joining a band. Anyone, know of a band looking for a bass player?

As the time came for us to leave New Mexico I realized I was going have to part with my new video game. I was really sad. The whole way back to Oklahoma I thought about the video game…how much it cost, how often would I really play it, and how long it would take me to get to medium level. Monday morning I got on the Internet and looked up the cost for a new Playstation 2. Now back to my first paragraph; I recognize this as a want, but I need this game!!

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Bone said...

I've never played Guitar Hero, but if it includes Guns 'N Roses, I'm sure I would enjoy it.

I'm sure this "want" will pass. You'll forget all about it in three or four months :)