Monday, July 9, 2007

Sorry for the lack of post. I went on a blog hiatus. It wasn’t an intentional hiatus. It was an: I’m busy at work, 4th of July, in Arkansas type of hiatus. Don’t take it personal. It’s me, not you guys.

But this week I’m back. Well, I’m back until Thursday. Thursday I’m heading off for another family adventure. This adventure will lead us to New Mexico; the land of mountains, The Lobos, 100 degree temperatures, no rain, and 80 mph speed limits. Did you know that UNM’s mascot is a Lobo? Do you know what a Lobo is? This is a real question, because I have no idea. I just looked on their website, no picture, but you can get 4 season tickets for $180. What a steal!

Anyway, I’m excited for Family Adventure # 2. It’s four days of sleeping in the back seat and reading. I’m prepared. I went to the library and checked out four new books. I’m so ready for the twelve-hour drive!

* By the way…it rained the whole time I was in Ark. Yesterday was the first day I’ve been to the pool all summer. I heart the sun!


Bone said...

80 mph speed limits? Really? I'm impressed.

Four season tickets for $180? Wow, I think two of ours are like $800-$900. I can't remember, they seem to go up every year.

Krista said...

I could be completely wrong but I think a lobo is some kind of wolf.

Have fun on your trip. It sounds like you have several of those coming up.

TC said...

Krista is right: lobo is wolf in Spanish.