Friday, July 27, 2007

Update on Summer Goals

Back in June I made some summer goals for myself. I’m a big goal maker and thought this summer I would try to expand my horizons. My goals for the summer are:

Participate in 2 races
Go to a Drive-In
Road trip with friends

As of right now I’ve only accomplished one goal, hiking. I forgot to tell you guys but while we were in New Mexico I went hiking. It wasn’t a hardcore hike, just a nice stroll in the wilderness. I mean, how do you think I got those cool pictures from the top of the mountain? Yea I walked my butt up there. True, I rode a tram about 95% of the way, but the 5% was all me!

This weekend I will be knocking out two of my goals. #3 and #5 will take place this weekend. Tonight I’m running a race and tomorrow Holly and I are venturing to the Big D. Yes, I just got back from The Lone Star State but I’m going back. I just can’t get enough of big hair and massive belt buckles.


Bone said...

How'd your race go? How far was it?

OK Chick said...

the race was good. i ran the whole thing.
it was a 5K.