Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smelly Plant, SMELL-Y Plant

I have two plants in my office. Plant Christina and Plant Reservoir. I’m not going to explain either name or why I even name my plants. It’s weird…I know. But this story is about Plant Christina….

This morning I got to work unusually early. Since I had some free time I thought I would water Plant Christina. I watered Christina and then left my office to get something to drink. As I reentered my office I noticed an awful smell. Awful. I could not place the smell but I knew it stunk. I started freaking out because I didn’t want people thinking the stench was from me. I mean, how embarrassing!

After a two-minute freak-out session I decided to form a plan. My plan was simply-I would cover up the smell, and do it quickly. First plan was B&B lotion. I started putting lotion all over my arms. I was trying to get the B&B smell in fill my office. The lotion plan did not work, true I smelt amazing but my office still stunk. The second plan was Febreeze. I ran over to my coworker’s office and borrowed his can. Plan Febreeze seemed to work for about ten minutes. It started to wear off about the time people started showing up for work. Ok, now cue major freak out session.

Since covering up the smell did not work I decided to pretend like I didn’t smell anything. I started working on the piles of papers on my desk. I was trying to give the elusion that I was very busy and important. I figured if I were “busy” no one would talk to me; that idea lasted a whole three minutes. I came out of my “busy/important act” when two coworkers were standing outside my office discussing how bad it stunk. I silently freaked out and then joined the conversation on the stench. I thought if I recognized the smell I wouldn’t get blamed for the awful smell. You know the saying…whoever smelt it, dealt it.” Yea, that still goes for when you’re an adult!

After a ten-minute discussion, and an investigation of everything around my office not to mention everything inside my office, we FINALLY discovered where the smell was coming from Plant Christina. She had gone sour. How do plants go sour? Do I need to do something for her, besides toss her in the nearest trashcan? I have never heard of a plant going sour, especially when I never water her!!! Yea, yea I’m a bad plant person.

NOW every time people walk through the hallway and make the…what is that smell face, my boss explains that MY plant has gone sour. Yes, it’s a tad embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do but one of my plants started stinking really bad at work also over the past few days. I think mine was from over watering. It has to be some kind of mold to stink that bad. I'm going to throw mine away.

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