Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Update with Pictures

Every once in awhile I document a weekend with pictures. Blogger World, this doesn't happen often so don't except it on a weekly basis. Yet, this weekend it happened.

I started my weekend early. Well, I sort of started it early. Thursday, my office had a lunch party. This means I had an extra long lunch. Not only did I receive a long lunch, I also walked away with a $25 gift card to Starbucks. I do not have to tell you my level of excitement.
After my exciting win a fellow blogger and I attended a concert, Train and Maroon 5. It was a great concert. I had so much fun listening to some of my favorite songs live. Blogger World I tell you what, outdoor concerts are the way to go! I can't imagine anything better than sitting outside, with great weather, listening to music.

I'm going to be honest, my Friday night was really boring. I couldn't even spin it to be blog worthy. But never fear, my Friday afternoon was blog worthy. I stumbled across an awesome find at TJ Maxx. Blogger World, I found Manner chocolate. Can you believe it? Ok, I don't think you understand the awesomeness of this find. Folks, this is what I ate while in Vienna. Fine I ate lots of other stuff, but this was my favorite!
Warrior Dash. I survived the race, and I enjoyed the race. As you can see from the stolen picture, I jumped over fire to finish the race. The fire was right after I crawled through mud, and the mud pit was five obstacles before I climbed a mountain. It was challenging, but very fun. I'm hoping to receive more pictures from the race. I know you guys are dying to see more.

After climbing a mountain, crawling through mud, and jumping over fire I was tired. I spent most of Sunday afternoon in bed. Not this bed, but a bed.

Sadly, this is the end of my weekend update with pictures.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm so impressed with your Warrior Dash! I guess it's no big deal to be a half-marathoner anymore. :)

And I've never heard of Manner. I'll look for it...when I was in Germany years ago, Ritter Sport was the big deal, along with Nutella. Both those have made it to the states now, so maybe you'll see Manner more often!

Renee said...

congrats on the gift card...I know how happy that made you. And I love outdoor concerts too...much better than being stuck indoors with that noise bouncing off of you.

Congrats on your Warrior Dash. w00t!

Holly said...

Wanner? You found Wanner at TJ Maxx? I have a feeling the value of my wanner hat is declining. Hope we have to hang out this weekend!

Amy in Edmond said...

We had the Haskew's for lunch when they were here from Vienna and they brought us some of those manner cookies. I don't know that the rest of my family had any.

Gena said...

Your weekend sounds so freeing. Warrior dash, chocolate, OUTdoor concert, Starbucks gift card. Forget a man, that's the life!