Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The mission to use vacation time

Do you remember back in May when I discovered all my unused vacation time? I had 23.4 days of vacation time.

Today, I would like to report that I've made some headway on that unused vacation time. Sadly, that's not true. As of right now, I have 21.7 days of vacation. Blogger World, never fear OK Chick has a plan. This week, Tuesday-Thursday, I am taking the afternoon off. I'm going to leave my office at 2pm, not a minute later. I do not care what life threatening office emergency happens, I'm walking out the door at 2pm. I do admit this is a weak attempt to use vacation time, but we all have to start somewhere.

You might be asking yourself what will you do with your 3 hours of vacation time each day? Well, I'm so glad you've asked. Blogger World, let me show you my goal list. Yes, I have a goal list, because I cannot have a vacation without accomplishing things.

1. Mail my passport paperwork to higher powers that will renew my passport.
2. Mow my yard.
3. Drop off clothes at a local consignment store.
4. Attend aerobics Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
5. Meet with important bank officials.
6. Attend church Wednesday night.
7. Sweep my garage

I'm not messing around with this weeks vacation time. I plan to utilize my time. Tomorrow I will let you know how everything works out. Please stop laughing at me. I will have you know, I do have some trips planned in the near future. I'm not a complete loser!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Good list! It's hard to get extra stuff done sometimes!

Michelle said...

You can come to Newkirk and clean my house that is suffering greatly becuase I am working so much.....I thought I was only part time. Hahaha! I wish the weather was better too.....it'll be nice and chilly for 9/22, which is good cause I'll be nice and huge! Can't wait!!!!

PennyCandy said...

Oh please come to Texas and go to the post office for me. I can never seem to get there.

Seriously I like your use of vacation hours.

Throw a little fun in as well.

amy nickerson said...

Um, this surprises me. You're always going somewhere cool on vacation! Maybe you just utilize national holiday's well....

OK Chick said...

Don't worry Amy, I have a few trips up my sleeve.