Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The mission to use vacation time-Day I

Yesterday, I announced my mission to use up some of my vacation time. I decided to take off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm. No matter what life shattering office emergency took place at 1:50pm, I was going to be out the door at 2pm.

Today, I'm happy to report that I was out the door at 2pm. Around 1:45pm I sensed a life shattering office emergency was about to take place. I simply reminded my coworkers that I was leaving at 2pm and I would take care of the problem tomorrow. This seemed to calm everyone down. Actually it probably didn't, but they knew better than to argue with me.

As promised, below are the chores I accomplished. I wish I was computer literate so I could cross them off the list, but I'm not. There's nothing better than crossing something off your To Do List. Can I get an AMEN? Anyway...completed chores are in the gray.

1. Mail my passport paperwork to higher powers that will renew my passport.
2. Mow my yard.
3. Drop off clothes at a local consignment store.
4. Attend aerobics Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
5. Meet with important bank officials.
6. Attend church Wednesday night.
7. Sweep my garage.

I'm happy with yesterday's accomplishments. The Post Office was the main one I wanted to complete. Can I just say, The Post Office is a horribly slow establishment. I was there for over 30 minutes. I'm all about saving The Post Office, because it's been around for so long, blah, blah, blah. However, when you only have one person working the front for 30 people, I kind of don't feel sorry for your organization that's going down the toilet. It's like Wally-World. Why do they have 35 check-out registers when they only use 10. They should know, crap like that makes us, consumers, mad!


Renee said...

amen about your post office rant! and what's odd is they'll see people in line and go take their break. oye!

I like to use Wally's self check out...when I can find one that actually takes my money.

Glad you're getting some vacation time in.

Bone said...

Ha! Renee, that just happened to me Wednesday. I was in line and they had two people working the counter then all of the sudden one of them turned to the other and said, "I'll be back up in a bit" and left. Reminded me of Postal Employee Newman.