Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3rd favorite city in the whole wide world

Today, Sister #1 leaves for vacation.

She'll be visiting my 3rd favorite city in the whole wide world, NYC.
Fun Fact: I was not invited on this vacation.

I guess you could say it annoys me.

Not really.

Ok, maybe a little.

Tomorrow she'll be riding the subway.
Tomorrow I'll be sitting in a foam cubicle, guarding my office supplies.

This weekend she'll visit one of the 10 H&Ms.

You know how I feel about H&M.

Whatever Sister #1, go have fun on your little vacation!

Don't you worry about me....I'll be fine.

Really, I'll be fine.


Summer said...

Husband #1 has been there about 5 times since we have been married. I have been there once. Husband #1 is also going to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks for "work." Wife #1 has had about enough.

OK Chick said...

Summer, I will gladly travel with you! Where would you like to go?

Michelle said...

Can I go with her....this one time my mom was going to take me to NYC for my 30th birthday, I'm not complaining about what I got, but this is like the 2nd time our girl's trip has been canceled.....but in a week we'll be enjoying some Maroon 5 and Train!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Awww...maybe she'll bring you back a souvenir!

OK Chick said...

Let's hope.

Bone said...

Maybe you should demote her down to Sister #2 :)