Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Girl City Dream

Today, it finally feels like winter around here. I love winter. Did you know that about me? It's true. I love fall too, but I really love winter.

There are a couple reason why I love winter. For starters, I love sweaters, hoodies, snow boots, cute boots with the fur, coats, and gloves. The other reason, is the my Big Girl City Dream. Have I told you about this dream? You see, ever since I was a little girl,I've always had this dream of living in a big city (with a high power job), walking to work, while drinking Starbucks to stay warm. Of course, in this dream I have a fabulous apartment, and wear fabulous clothes. Isn't this what every eight year old dreams, while playing with her younger Sisters?

Someday Big Girl City Dream will come true. I just know it will. It's on my list. My list of things I want to do before I die. It's sandwiched between attending the Cotton Bowl and marriage. And I want it noted that so far, I've been checking things off that list pretty regularly. I'm making real progress with the list, and someday Big Girl City Dream will have it's time to be checked off the list. You just wait and see.


Michelle said...

I'm sure it may be possible for me to be in town for the red bud.....but as I've told you before, I run super super slow, but Elizabeth just sent me some pointers of how to pick up my speed....

thisgirlsjourney said...

Which big city do you want to live in?

It's funny, I am actually really jealous of your life in what is still a fairly big city in my book (NZ is tiny so there aren't many options career wise in the smaller places) and that you can also afford a house. Here, very basic houses in bad areas are more than $300k. Well, I'm off to London so I will drink Starbucks (ew Starbucks coffee... I'm going to miss decent coffee) and walk in the snow in the city and think of you! :-) I won't have a high powered job though and I hate commuting in big cities with all the sweaty masses... but I like your fantasy!

Scotty said...

which 'Big City'?

Snow in Dallas yesterday!

PennyCandy said...

Wow this is beautiful picture and a great post.

Big cities that don't feel to big are great that's why I love FTW, TX.

TC said...'re getting married or going to the Cotton Bowl?

Anonymous said...

You were dreaming of the big city, snow, and starbucks and i was dreaming of the moutains, snow, and an ice cold drink. Yes sister one day our dream will come true!!
Sister #1

Matt & Lori said...

I would highly recommend Chicago when fulfilling your Big Girl City Dream. Especially if you love fact, just go visit there even if you can't move there right now. You will love it...and you can wear cute furry boots, coats, gloves & hats for months! :)

OK Chick said...

I think I'm an eastern girl-Boston, NYC, or Philly. However, did point out Chicago, which I have never been there, but it's on my list of places to go. I have lots of list.

TC-No, I'm not getting married. If I was getting married, there would have been many post about this mystery man. First, there would have been a series of post about our first date. It would have been full of important facts- what I wore, where we ate, and what we ate.

Thanks Penny for the compliment. I wish I could take credit for the picture. Google. :)

Renee said...

Sounds like you need to start looking for jobs in big cities. (I also think you've been watching too much Sex and the City ;) )

I grew up partly in a very small town and then the rest of my childhood in the suburb of a major city. I've never lived in a big city but it doesn't appeal to me. I prefer the suburbs. I do know that I don't like small towns... I did that again when we were first married and :p yucko!

I dream of a mountain cabin, but also a place on the beach. sounds like I need a great job or to win some money!

Anonymous said...

You should visit my sister in Boston. She hikes to the T (boston-talk for the train) every day in a couple feet of snow, dukes it out w the other commuters on the T, then goes to work in the tallest building in Boston. She likes it, I prefer getting in my car with the windows down and driving myself. Either way, I'd check it out first before you commit to the dream.