Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals for 2011

I survived my solo New Year's Eve. I'm happy to report that I watched/finished three of the movies I rented. I made a good effort to watch The American. Horrible. I did not like the movie at all. I turned it off about 20 minutes into the movie. You know, sometimes you can just tell a movie is a stinker and it's not worth your time. I know you agree.

So, now we are 4-5 days, depending on where you are globally located, into 2011. Yes, that's right folks, OK Chick has international readers! Anyway, I hope things have been ok for you these first 4-5 days. I've had a pretty good start. I've been to aerobics at least 5 times, vast improvement from the months of November and December. I've also cut back on the Starbucks addiction. Currently, only half of the staff knows me by name/drink. Again, vast improvement.

What are your goals for this year? I would ask what are your resolutions, but I don't like that question. It just seems like you are asking for failure when you make resolutions. It's been reported (by reliable sources I'm sure) that people do not keep their resolutions. They tend to break them the first month. Failure. I'm more of a goal setter. If you know me, it's very clear to see I'm a goal setter. This year I've set some goals, but then again I set goals every year. Actually, I set them monthly. Come to think of it, I set them daily. Do not scream or kick someone today. See, that's a goal.

This year, I plan to be a better person. Yes, I realize this is a very broad goal. And as a professional goal setter, I know you are suppose to be very specific on your goals. Therefore, these are some of the ways I will be a better person....

1. I will not gripe about watching Pepper for Sister #1. It's true sometimes I gripe. I know shocker!
2. Write at least 3 thank you notes, for something other than Christmas and birthday presents.
3. Each day I will ask someone how they are doing. But here's the kicker, I will actually take the time to listen to their answer. I will admit, sometimes I ask the question in passing, which means I keep walking after I ask the question. It's a horrible habit.
4. I will cook for Sister #2 and her roommate more often. I already do this often, but I can do it more. I'm a working individual, they are poor college students. It only makes sense.

Right now, this is all I have. These are small changes, but I think they will make a difference. Again, what are your goals? As always, it's fun if you actually answer my question and not just read the post.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Hey, I havent exactly set any yet, but I usually do, that is really weird for me. I think because I got sick Friday I've just been a little out of it. Lose 10 lbs. of course. But I need to get a real plan for that...working on it and plan to have it in place by next MOnday, when my real life starts again. I have been thinking about tutoring at Gateway but haven't acted on it yet.

I think it's great you are wanting to cook for your sister - I set that as a goal one year and had college kids over once a month the whole year, except for the summer. Sometimes it was the 30th of the month, but I did it and felt so accomplished! Those kids have the craziest schedules so it was hard to find a good time between them and my husband's travel schedule!

Michelle said...

To run the half marathon in under 3 hours.....lofty goal I know...who am I kidding I'll be lucky if I finish my training! And really to be a better mom, be better about balancing my working at home with teaching and playing with my kids.

Renee said...

I'm not really a goal maker. This drives my DH nuts as he likes to set goals and he wants our family to have a vision statement. :p not happening unless he does it.

but some things that I do need to get done...
get ready to sell girl scout cookies on Friday.
get costumes ready for dd's play at the end of the month
get back to the gym on a regular basis
get our front porch done (it needs to be replaced)
have the roof replaced
get dd ready for her year end test.

so see I do have goals.

Bone said...

I resolve to never let a good nap opportunity pass me by.

Speaking of which...

TC said...

4. I will cook for Sister #2 and her roommate more often. I already do this often, but I can do it more. I'm a working individual, they are poor college students. It only makes sense.

I like this one!

cyclicalunemployment said...

wow I love your blog! I cannot wait to read more; happy new year!

Ally said...

I'm giving up soda for at least a few months (hopefully forever)...which I've done before. This one is just tough for me!

I focusing on being more intentional in how I love others and seeking to love sacrificially instead of when it's convenient, etc. This one is requiring a lot of prayer :)