Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life Lessons from God

I truly believe many events our lives are Life Lessons from God. It might be a small lesson, or it could be a knock you upside the head lesson. 

I guess you could say, my recent medical events have made me recognize these Life Lessons from God. As a good blogger, I'd like to spell out these simple yet important Life Lessons. 

1. Family!! 
My family was beyond amazing during all this crap. From Sister #2 driving me to the ER in Oct; to my dad staying up all night to give me pain pills. Let me stress I could not have recovered so quickly from 2 ER visits and 2 surgeries without my family. They made me strong. 
You would think these fantastic people in my life would never be put on the back burner, but sometimes I put them there. Life Lesson from God #1 is that my family does not belong on the back burner. 

2. Pay Attention 
Everyone is busy. You are busy raising your children, working two jobs, or training for a killer marathon. I do not argue that anyone is not busy; especially during the holidays. However, if you take extra second to check on someone who's ill it makes a world of difference. I am horrible on checking on people who are ill or just had surgery. I'm going to partly blame Facebook. It's easy to Like someone's recovery post. Heck, I just Liked one of Khloe Kardashian's post on FB. But that's what God called us to do, he wants us to make a connection with people. Life Lesson from God #2 is checking up on people. 

I'm thankful for these Life Lessons. I plan to make more of an effort on becoming a better person, and a better friend. 


ann said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is a hard but true fact that situations in which we are helpless and find ourselves needing help and others are those in which we learn the most. Hope you continue to heal quickly!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Well said! We may not fully understand God and His ways, but spiritual people can see life events as little reminders from God. May God bless you as you heal and continue to look to Him for your strength!

Victoria said...

Sorry you had to go through this!