Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Favorite Things- Christmas Edition

Ok, enough with the emotional posts! It's time to get back to normal on this blog.

Blogger World, throughout the years I've posted many of my favorite things. This post is no different, except this list is a Christmas theme. As them, hate them it's your choice.

1. Christmas Cards 
I love receiving Christmas cards from family and friends!!! 

2. Christmas in a Cup
I've always said Chai was Christmas in a Cup. The holiday season is a great time to try Chai! 

3. Hallmark Christmas Movies
Go ahead, you can laugh. However, in the past couple years Hallmark has made some really cute Christmas movies. I'm for real!!

4. Christmas Parade
This was my second year to be in the Christmas Parade with Canada Travis. I was so happy the parade fell between my two surgeries. I had a wonderful time passing out candy to the crowd.

Folks, this concludes My Favorite Things-Holiday Edition.


Renee Nefe said...

glad you made it to the parade, but the way it was cut off and I was scrolling I saw..." I had a wonderful time passing out " and started to panic.

Merry Christmas

Michelle said...

O I love Hallmark channel right now, Jeremy makes fun of me cause it's on ALL the time! My favorite one this year is Crown for Christmas!

OK Chick said...

Crown for Christmas was a good one. I think my favorite has been the one about the radio DJ and newspaper reporter. I can't remember the name.