Monday, September 21, 2015

Fat Camp: Activities

This weekend, Fat Camp took place. A big thank you to The Sisters. Both participated in all Saturday activities; which I greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to Cool Coworker who participated in a few activities with us. If these fine friends wouldn't have participated, it would have been a boring Fat Camp! 

Here are some pictures from our weekend of Fat Camp. 

Fat Camp started and ended with Jazzercise. 

The Sisters, Cool Coworker, and I walked around a fancy neighborhood. 

OKC isn't known for hiking, so we had to get creative. One of the parks in town has lots of trees, so we decided it counted as a hike. 

It was The Sisters first yoga class. We had lots of laughs during class. 

Plank War
Sister #1 beat me in the plank war. She held her plank for over a minute. I made it 22 seconds. 

Tomorrow I'll post all the pictures of the yummy food we made. 


Renee Nefe said...

sounds awesome.

OK Chick said...

It was awesome. We all had a good time!