Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fat Camp

A few months ago, Sister #1 invited me to a wellness retreat. It was a weekend away where all we do is workout. The website listed activities like yoga, running, hiking, weight lifting, and healthy food suggestions. So, it's fat camp. 

Don't worry, the suggestion of going to fat camp did not offend me. Sister #1 knew this would not offend me. In fact, she knew I'd be all over a fitness retreat. Naturally, she was right.

This weekend, The Sisters and I are putting on our own fat camp. We figured, why pay hundreds of dollars to attend fat camp when we can make our own fat camp? This weekend will be full of workout activities!!! The best part, most of our activities will be free!! So here's our weekend lineup: 

All activities are subject to change. Mostly, because there are rain chances this weekend. But as you can see, by Sunday we will look like this: 

In your face expensive fat camp!!!!


Renee Nefe said...

oooh I wanna do that. Not sure I have the motivation for it though.

Last night I did go for a nice walk with one of the moms who was also stuck at rehearsal. I thought I had our route mapped out, but we got lost and had to break out the gps on the cell phone to make our way back. She might forgive me...maybe. Hey, we got 4 miles of walking in and were only gone an hour. Not too shabby. ;)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

So I want to know if they fed you well...