Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Update with Pictures

This summer I've spent most weekends watching Canada Travis race. But this weekend I was home and I took advantage of being home.

I spent most of the day cooking. I made 7 casseroles, sausage balls, and loaf of bread. Folks, that's a ton of cooking!!! It wore me out. 

Friday evening I had dinner with friends. As you can see, she was not impressed with taking a Selfie.  
I attended two birthday parties. Sadly, I do not have a picture from the first party. I was more focused on lunch than pictures.

Saturday evening my family and I helped celebrate this lady's 60th Birthday. It was a BBQ birthday party, and the temps couldn't have been better. In fact, by the time we left I was cold. Cold? Who gets cold in July?
 The BBQ was held in a backyard that had an awesome playhouse. This playhouse had tile, curtains, real door handle, and a chalk wall. It was almost as cool as my real house! Sister #2 and I felt we needed a picture.


After church I had some much needed pool time. 

I love pool time! 


Wa Wa Waughs said...

7 Casseroles? How long will that last you? I love having stuff in the freezer to pull out on busy days.

OK Chick said...

The 7 casseroles will last me about 6 months.
The sausage balls and bread were made for a brunch that's being held next weekend.