Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cherry Tomato Fairy

Sunday evening I went out to the garden to find lots of cherry tomatoes that were ready for picking. Here's a picture of all the cherry tomatoes I was able to pick. 

Obviously, I am unable to consume all those tomatoes. Naturally, I would give The Sisters some tomatoes, but Saturday they'd picked a big batch of tomatoes for themselves. Therefore, I've been giving away my cherry tomatoes...just call me the Cherry Tomato Fairy. 

Each day I take a small bag to various people. I've had so much fun sharing with my friends and coworkers! Monday, I delivered tomatoes to my Starbucks friends, a coworker, and Canada Travis. Tuesday, I gave a bag to a walking partner and her husband. Today, I'm giving a bag to another coworker. If you'd like to be visited by the Cherry Tomato Fairy let me know! 


Michelle said...

Pick me!! Or my mom would love some too! Before we went to the beach we had some with mozzarella and her fresh basil, which I'm sure she'd share some basil with you if you're interested! It's so yummy!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Man, if we weren't headed on vacation soon, I would! My tomatoes aren't producing right now. Too much rain?

Summer Lashley said...

Please add me to your list!!! Mia eats them like candy. And I watch her eat them while I eat real candy!

Renee Nefe said...

I would LOVE a bag. ;) he he

another thing that you can do is freeze your tomatoes and once you have a big batch you can use them to make sauce or in recipes...the freezing helps the skins to slide off easily.

I have loads of green tomatoes right now. Can't wait until I need to be a tomato fairy too.

OK Chick said...

I'll add everyone to the list!