Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update with Pictures

Blogger World, it was a weekend for the books. I had a jammed packed weekend. Lucky for you I documented most everything with pictures. Enjoy....

Nothing makes you hate life more than taxes.

To ease the pain of taxes, I made one of the desserts. I didn't quite follow her recipe, because she had 1,000 steps, but it turned out tasty.  

Saturday morning 5K run.

Who doesn't love running with glow sticks?
Since running one race wasn't enough I had to run another one Saturday evening.
We were hoping to find great ideas for our garden. Instead, we learned about the Oklahoma Gardening Club and how to lose more body fat. 

Progress on the first raised bed. What you can not see is there is a huge tree we are trying to dig up. I hate digging up trees!

I finished the weekend with pizza and family.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

What kind of dessert is that? Chocolate covered cheerios?

OK Chick said...

Robin- The recipe is below, but yes it's chocolate covered PB Cheerios.

Bone said...

Wow, that pizza looks super triple delish!!!!