Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

Recently, Forbes released their newest list of Top 500 Billionaires. If you were wondering, I did not make the cut. I must have been number 501 or 502. Anyway, the richest person in the world is no other than Carlos Slim Helu & Family. Oh you haven't heard of him either? Ok, makes me feel better. Carlos and Family are estimated to be worth $73 billion. Can imagine having that much money, or being part of the Helu Family? Me neither. However, you should never rule anything out in life. Therefore, I have constructed a list of things I would buy with my $73 billion. It never hurts to be prepared!

Awesome Workout Clothes
Most billionaires would probably want fancy designer clothes like..........
Well I don't really know a lot of fancy designer brands, and besides I'm not most people. I just want fancy workout clothes.

Viking Kitchen
My current kitchen will be renovated with all new appliances. I'm talking fridge, stove, oven, wine fridge, and an ice maker. If I'm a billionaire, I will have an ice maker!!! Oh, and I'll have a good dentist due to all the ice chopping.

PW's Pantry

Since they'll be renovating my kitchen, I might as well have my dream pantry build. Of course, mine will be better than Pioneer Woman's pantry. I'll have a spiral staircase in mine. Not really. I'm happy with a copycat version of PW's.

I'm going to buy Starbucks. It will save me from having to reload my Gold Card every month.

Hot Body

Now you see why I want awesome workout clothes. I'll be living in the gym. The results will be worth all the hard work. 

Folks, I guess that's all I'd want with my $73 billion. I'm an easy girl to please.

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