Thursday, July 12, 2012

That one time I did yoga

Last month I posted my Summer Bucket List.....

1. Host a BBQ 
2. Road trip to Dallas
3. Hike
4. Snow cones
5. Attend boot-camp with KC
6. Pick vegetable from my parents garden
7. Ride a roller coaster
8. Attempt standing up paddle-boarding
9. Drinks on a rooftop patio
10. Try Yoga
11. Visit a new town in Oklahoma
Well....last night I completed #10.  
Before I attended my first yoga class, which was last night, I envisioned yoga to be something like this...
I mean, this chick looks totally relaxed. 
However, I found my yoga experience to be more like this...
Now, I don't know this lady but I feel like we can relate. 
Last night I attended a one hour and fifteen minute hot yoga class. When I left the class I was exhausted! Oh, and it's extremely sweaty.Yes I know, it is expected to sweat during HOT yoga but good grief! I swear it looked like I'd ran thru some sprinklers, which is what I wanted to do after I was done.
Even with all the sweat and awkward moves I still enjoyed myself. However, I think I'll stick to Jazzercise and running. 


Michelle said...

That's how I felt after my first p90x yoga experience....I was expecting it to be stretching and relaxing, and I was so sweaty I could barely do any of the exercises!

Renee Nefe said...

I haven't heard of Hot Yoga. It doesn't sound like anything I would like to try though.

I'm gonna see if someone will teach a regular yoga class in my homeschool group again.

Ally said...

I've only done hot yoga once, and I was drenched, making it hard to do some of the poses where you feet rest on your legs--mine just slid down. Fun that you have a summer bucket list!

Celia Maciomhair said...

I do hope that you give Yoga a second chance! I’m certain that this activity is worth a second try. Although the poses and stance look difficult at first glance, you can start with the beginner level, so you can keep up with the position and movements. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on a much intense phase. Maybe, you can try a lighter and more relaxing type of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, which includes poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation like any yoga experience entails.

Nicolas Ervin said...

I do agree, Celia. Yoga can be a fun activity once you master the poses and the stance. At first, you will feel a little out of it. But with every session, you will feel a little comfortable and the movements will be more fluid and relaxed. You may not notice it, but once you learn the ropes of this activity, you will start to feel the changes in your body, like better reflexes and movement.

Evelyn Deaton said...

You said that you enjoyed it, so I guess even with all the sweating you did in your first yoga experience, you’re going to try it once more! :D That’s what I also felt when I first tried it, but after attending several sessions, I now enjoy and find it really fun and relaxing! ^^,

Evelyn Deaton