Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

First of all, I would like to thank the 3 people that played 3 truths and a lie. Thanks! The 3 commenters went along with my 3 theme.

Sadly, none were right. It was kind of a trick question. Not on purpose. It's just what I thought was going to happen this weekend, and what really happened weren't the same. The correct answer was: 3 and 4. I will explain with a Weekend Update.

Friday night I had high hopes of attending the 3rd going away party. But after I arrived home from work, I realized Friday night was my only night to mow the yard. Yup, you read right. Friday night I mowed my yard. I know, I'm boring and old. Moving on the rest of the weekend...

I started my Saturday with a Jazzercise class. There's really no other way to start your Saturday morning. Actually, I think of a few others but whatever. After Jazzercise I met a couple friends for lunch. Lunch was fun for a couple reasons....
A) We ate here
B) We saw fellow blogger, who's children are super cute in real life and are well behaved in restaurants.
C) We saw local celeb
After lunch it was off to work, which is boring so I won't talk about working on a Saturday. However, the rest of my Saturday was fun. I went to see The Help with a fellow blogger and then had dinner with her and another friend. So see, work might have sucked but the rest of the Saturday was very fun!!!

I have a couple highlights from Sunday. The first highlight, is I baked Blueberry Scones. I'm very proud of this because I did not use a box mix. I followed a recipe and they turned out amazing!
Second highlight, was the family gathered to celebrate my dad's birthday. We celebrated with Hideaway Pizza and presents. After dinner we were suppose to go see Planet of the Apes. Sadly, that did not happen. I blame it on the fact that my dad has three girls. It's amazing how slow we can eat when faced with going to see Planet of the Apes.

Well, there's a quick Weekend Update!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like a pretty fun weekend to me...did u love The Help? I had almost finished the book and went to see it...really great and followed it closely!

Bone said...

Normally, my Friday nights could blow yours out of the water for most boring. But I actually did something this Friday night. Besides Tweeting, I mean.

I would have skipped Planet Of The Apes, too.

Lori said... sounds like #2 was also a lie if you did not make it to the going away party. Was it 3 lies and a truth? Congrats on making scones from scratch!

Morgandi said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was great to see you!

Amy in Edmond said...

I just saw The Help Thurs. night. It was a great movie.

Obviously, I'm catching up on my blogs tonight.

Ally said...

I love this game!

amy nickerson said...

Ok, I've been bad about keeping up with ANYONE'S blog so I'm just seeing your post. Shout out for being the "fellow blogger" who saw the Help with ya :) LOL Good times.