Friday, August 19, 2011

3 truths and 1 lie

This is a game I like to play when I have time to post, but nothing to say. Sorry. Lately, things have been a bit slow and boring. I'm going to blame the heat. I blame the heat on everything.

The rules: Guess which statement is a lie.
The prize: Imaginary high-five.

1. 3 mornings in a row, I have taken the stairs to my office.
2. I've attended 3 going away parties for a coworker.
3. Once this week I ran 3.25 miles.
4. This week I only worked 3 hours of overtime.

Good luck!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think you are trying to trick me with all those 3's! I guess the lie is running 3 miles - surely you wouldn't do that in this heat!

Michelle said...

I'm going to go with #4.....I hope it's not the lie!

Smile Steady said...

I'm gonna guess the stairs are the lie... not that I don't think you would, though!

Renee said...

I'm going with #4 also. I'm sure you had to work more than just 3 hours. Hugs!