Friday, August 26, 2011

The 5 things you should know...

It's my duty to keep you informed....

1. Britney Spears was quoted saying if she wasn't famous she'd be a teacher.
Raise your hand if you'd want her teaching your 5 year old? Right, moving on...

2. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News was #1 on the music charts in 1985.
Random fact about OK Chick: I love Huey Lewis.

3. This weekend Pioneer Woman's TV show premiers on Food Network.
I'm just going to say fair! Why does PW get everything? She has book, cookbook, famous friends, TV appearances, great clothes, and a ladder in her pantry. Can she not share some of her luck?

4. Derek Jeter is single again.
I'm going to be honest, I thought this was the guy Cameron Diaz is dating. I'm dissappointed in my celebrity gossip mix-up. I normally, have all my facts straight.

5. A hurricane is coming to town.
This weekend the East Coast will be welcoming Irene. I found an article on Yahoo about 5 tips on staying safe during a hurricane. I will save you the time of reading the article and tell you it's common sense. When did Americans become so stupid? I'm serious, one of the tips is to watch the weather.


Renee said...

I have to wonder if Brit would have turned out okay if she hadn't have ever become famous. ??? At any rate she doesn't seem to have decent parents.

Love Huey too!

I need a ladder in my pantry...I have to go grab a chair every time I want something from the top shelf. I also want hubby to put in another shelf up there for things I don't use much...there's a lot just tossed up there now.

and yeah about the common sense. Course when you're in it things get funny. I remember waking up to hear the police driving down our street ordering the evacuation. I go downstairs and my mom is in the phone with my grandma debating if grandma should just come to our house (grandma lived on the water and we were a block away) She was shocked to hear me tell her that NO the police are saying we have to leave too. LOL!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Did you check out PW's sneak peek? I loved that it spotlights OK!

OK Chick said...

Waugh- No, I didn't get to see the sneak peek. I might have to see if I can find her show online. I am curious and I do think it's cool that she's received so much success from her blog.

Bone said...

I heard "The Heart Of Rock & Roll" on the radio this weekend. But my favorite Huey song is "Heart & Soul." I have to do the clapping part every time, even if I'm driving.