Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worked all week it's time to play

Blogger World, I have returned from my much need vacation. And let me stress once again, it was a much needed vacation.

The adventures took place in Nashville, TN. Last year, Sister #1 and I explored Nashville and I came home raving about the town. I just love Nashville. It's great. If you haven't been to Nashville you really need to go.

My travel partner for this trip was my friend Tara. You guys remember Tara, right? The founder of Cupcake Ministry. She's swell. This was her first time to Nashville, so I felt it was my duty to take her to all my favorite places, like The Factory. I have a thing for big rocking chairs.

Tara and I felt that you cannot visit Nashville without seeing Grand Ole Opry. I couldn't have agreed more, especially since I had never been. I highly recommend the tour!

We also made new friends. As you can see, or maybe you can't see, this is a picture of Kristin Chenoweth who happens to be from Oklahoma. We listened to her sing a few songs from her new Country Album.
We visited pretty gardens. Actually, we just visited one garden. We only saw this garden because we toured The Carnton Plantation, which again I recommend the tour. FYI...I want my backyard to look like this.
Friday I made Tara visit my favorite town. I know I have lots of favorite towns, but I just love Franklin, TN. This town is so cute. I just want to wrap it up and give it someone. Sister #1 and I fell in love with Franklin last time I was in town, but sadly we didn't have time to walk up and down the streets. This trip, I made sure I had plenty of time to explore Franklin.
The trip was great. I saw new things, and visited favorites from the last time I was in town. I highly recommend Nashville for a vacation spot. But, I think recommend it more during Spring or Fall. My Lord, it was hot!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Okay, I'm feeling pretty cheated. We've been there several times but never done that stuff (we were visiting family) or going to a wedding! Next time I want to sit in that giant rocker!

Chell said...

How FUN! I miss random vacation trips!

Renee said...

Looks like a bunch of fun! :D

Bone said...

Did you eat at Famous Dave's???

Matt & Lori said...

I've been thinking a lot about camp lately too. I wish that I had gone this year! Good times in the kitchen with Kathy!

OK Chick said...

Robin- you must see some of these things. I know you would love Franklin, TN. I can tell you are a Franklin type of girl.

Bone- No, I missed Famous Dave's but I did see Corky's BBQ. Didn't you mention that place to me?