Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Butter Goodness

Last night Sister #1 made this wonderful dessert for a small dinner gathering.

Folks, the picture of the dessert is not deceiving. It really is as tasty as it looks. I mean, a brownie and a cookie combined? Come on, you know it taste heavenly. After one bite I knew it was very unhealthy. I could taste the butter goodness.

One difference between Sister #1 and myself is I eat something like this and analyze how much butter, sugar, or anything that's bad for you, is in the food. Last night was no exception; which is why this conversation took place....

Me: This is unhealthy?
S#1: Yes, but it's good.
Me: It has a lot of butter?
S#1: Not too bad.
Me: Lots of oil?
S#1: Everything has oil and butter.
S#1: It only had 2 tablespoons of butter in the brownie part.
Me: Wow that's not bad at all.
S#1: Oh and it had 4 tablespoons of butter in the cookie part.
Me: OH MY GOSH that's like a cup of butter. (I really have no idea how much butter is 6 tablespoons. American Math!)

Obviously, it wasn't gross because how could this creation be gross? I did feel better when our dinner host mentioned how many sticks of butter PW used last month. The amount is obscene! I would tell you the exact amount, but I don't remember the number. Oh wait I found it, 484 sticks! Can you imagine eating 484 sticks of butter? Wait a minute, how does PW stay so skinny? Do you know that 484 sticks of butter is 392,040 calories? Do you realize it took Google + 3 minutes of math to figure the calorie count out? Seriously, I need to work on my math skills!


Summer said...

It's less than half a cup, thankyouverymuch. You haven't eaten brownies until you eat my 3 sticks of butter brownies. They are worth every clogged artery.

Renee said...

those look very yummy and would be even better with ice cream on top!

laurie said...

Looks SO delicious!! I can just taste the buttery goodness and won't rest until I've eaten one!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh yeh...butter is in everything good. But 16 T. are in a cup. So eat 2 1/2 cookies to get your 1 cup of butter for the day...unbelievable, huh? I just recently saw a recipe for some brownies similar to this but there were double-stuffed oreos baked inbetween the choc. chip part and the brownie part!!!

P.S. Avenue Brigade plays pop rock!

Bone said...

I remember the first time I walked into the kitchen when somebody was about to make cookies. (It wasn't that long ago, actually.) I freaked a little, then decided that from now on I'd just rather not know.