Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cupcake Ministry

Blogger World, have you met Tara? No?
Tara, meet Blogger World. Folks of the internet, meet my friend Tara.

Tara and I have been friends for many, many, many years. Ok, so maybe it's not three manys.

Tara and I met in college back in 1999. I believe our friendship came about because we had Accounting together. Although, it could have been because we lived in the same dorm freshman year, or it might have been a combination of both? However it started, we are still friends.

Tara is a pure delight. I mean, look at her picture. Isn't she cute? I think so. Guys she is single. If interested please send me your resume and financial background.

Sunday night Tara stopped by to give me a present. Like I said, she's a delight.

Look at what Tara brought me...
A Sprinkles Cupcake. She went to William Sonoma, bought the mix, and slaved away all afternoon to make a dozen cupcakes. I felt honored that she would share with me. It was a wonderful surprise. It made my Sunday. It pretty much made my weekend.

The cupcake was great.

It was chocolaty.

It rocked my world.

Yes folks, this cupcake rocked my world!


Renee said...

for all the hooplah about this cupcake it must have been really awesome. I'm glad you have such good friends.

OK Chick said...

It was a good cupcake, but it was more that someone made/delivered it to me. I can't remember the last time someone did that for me. Besides, Sister #1 and my mom. But Sister #1 and I are always giving each other food.

Julie M. said...

True friends are so hard to find! I had a friend do that for me the other day as well and it made the rest of my day and part of the next. If I lived closer I would definitely bring you by a sweet treat!

Tabs said...

Hey, cupcakes are world rocking. There is just no way around it. What a good friend she is.

Kelly T said...

I love your friend Tara! She IS so cute and such a sweet friend for bringing you a cupcake. And I can honestly say I deserve three "many's" when I'm talking about how many years I've been friends with this girl. We go way back. To pre-K at least. Glad you get to experience that unique fun of Tara!!

OK Chick said...

Yeah for friends!

Kelly- I'm happy you agree with her awesomeness. :)

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