Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life as a Bachelorette

Have you ever wondered what a single girl eats for Sunday night dinner? I'm sure you've pondered this a time or two? I'll save you the time and brain power. Instead I give you a running diary of my Sunday night dinner. Please contain your excitement.
Tonight's menu consist of Sloppy Joes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli & Cheese.

First, I fry the hamburger meat for Sloppy Joes.
This meat is special. It came from my coworkers. Well, it came from their cow. They gave me a few pounds for Christmas. One of the best Christmas presents I received this year. By the way, I just realized I do not have hamburger buns for the Sloppy Joes. It looks like I'll be using sandwich bread.
While the hamburger meat is cooking, I start on the potatoes. Oh, you thought the pototoes would be homemade? HA! I haven't bought potatoes since 2004. Not true. I buy sweet potatoes very often. However, I didn't want sweet pototoes tonight. I feel you juding me. Stop juding me for using box mashed potatoes. I never claimed to be Pioneer Woman or my friend Mommie Cooks. Besides, this box of potatos was free, and it's quick to fix.
The last step is microwaving this bag of veggies.Have you had these? Please tell me you've had these? Personally, I think Green Giant or Bird's Eye steamers are the best thing since sliced bread and nonfat Chais. I kid you not! Also, these were free too.

After 20 minutes everything is ready. Of course, I don't have a final picture of this culinary masterpiece. Sorry guys. I'm sure you can imagine what Sloppy Joes, boxed potatoes, and broccoli & cheese look like on a plate?

Now if you would excuse me I'm going to end this post. I want to enjoy my Sunday night meal while watching Titanic on the Spanish channel. I'm at the part where Kate W's character is caught hanging out with Leo's character. You know, watching the movie in Spanish is pretty fascinating. I understand every 20-30 word. So far the word has been Rose.


Renee said...

I'm laughing out loud at you only understanding the word Rose in the Spanish dubbed movie. that's too funny.

I would LOVE it if someone gave me part of their cow for Christmas or any time! Wow what wonderful co-workers you have!!! :D

I normally make mashed potatoes from family likes them this way and they are easy. I only do from whole potatoes for Thanksgiving...if we're having guests over...and if I feel like it!

I haven't tried those veggies, because I'm a sauce snob and would rather make my own. But I do use frozen veggies almost exclusively because it's easy to just dump some in a bowl and nuke it! And I don't like canned.

Those sandwich thins work awesome as hamburger buns, but two heels on regular bread work very well...and yeah, if it's all you got then two slices of bread are awesome! :D

Carry on single girl! With cookin like that you'll have a hubby in no time! (no seriously, I'm not picking on you here.)

TC said...

ROFL at every 20-30 words, and that word being Rose. Hilarious.

I LOVE the Green Giant and Bird's Eye steamed veggies. I hate making veggies any other way now. And I especially like the GG because they have flavor.

Your meal seemed pretty balanced to me. Good going! I hate cooking for one because there are sooo dang many leftovers, but I still feel it's a necessity. Eating out costs too much AND is really unhealthy.

Also, you have GREAT coworkers! Meat is a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

I bought home kill angus beef, well 1/4 of a beast last year. It rocks. Yummo steak.

It was funny though, I ordered it and then while waiting for the poor Angus to fatten up to be killed I booked a ticket overseas. Oops, imagine my horror when I was reminded! Thankfully I went thirds in the 1/4 and it's been a perfect amount of meat.

OK Chick said...

Renee- Thanks! If I ever get married I hope my husband enjoys these kind of meals.

TC- I agree with you on the veggies. The steamers have spoiled me on making veggies.

This Girl- Maybe the meat will ship? :)

Anonymous said...

Well we've eaten through most of it, figured I would dose up on beef before going to the UK.

You can't just ship meat, think there are a few regulations you'd have to go through!

PennyCandy said...

Minus the meat I loved your meal.