Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Update with Pictures

Another weekend has come and gone. Sad, I know. But today is Wednesday so another weekend is right around the corner.

This past weekend was a fun weekend. My friend ML was in town. In case you have forgotten who ML is, TC, you can read about him here, and here. If you are too lazy to read about him, which is fine, he is one of my friends who lived in Japan. Ok, on to the weekend....

We cooked dinner. I personally think it was a fabulous dinner. But in this picture, it looks gross. We will blame the lighting, or lack of lighting. The menu was Rosemary Chicken, Butternut Squash Soup, Salad, Bread with Fig Jam, and Couscous. We enjoyed dinner outside, because it was very nice outside. We had a great weather this past weekend.

Bricktown. My little town is slowly becoming a big town. You know how I know this? We have horse statues. Does your town have this? See, we are becoming a big deal. If you come to see me, I will take you to see the horses. Besides seeing the horses, Sister #1 and I took ML to one of my favorite cupcake places, and walked around the canal.
PS- Sister #1 is back to dark hair. I know, it's hard to keep up.
ML and I visited a local winery. It was my first time to visit. I have to say I was impressed. It's a cute little place tucked away in the country. I highly recommend a trip to Luther, OK to visit this place. Even if you do not drink wine, it's a very pretty place.
Now, I'm afraid I have some bad news. This is where the pictures end. I know, I'm a horrible blogger. But, here are some things that did not get documented, please use your imagination....

Sushi with friends
Porch night
Pizza with friends
JKLM+B Dinner
a few Starbucks runs

Blogger World, this weekend I will be better on the pictures. I promise. Bloggers Honor.


Renee said...

looks like fun!

TC said...

Well I'm glad you got some time with ML, but I admit to being a little sad ML isn't some new hot guy you're after :)

Dinner looks yummy!

Also, I love the name of the winery. How fun!

Scotty said...

Are those Texas stars on the side of the house?!

OK Chick said...

Why hello Scotty! No, those are just stars, not TX stars.

TC- come see me and we'll visit the winery.

Bone said...

I didn't know who ML and WS were, either.

So why aren't you on the horse? Is Sister #1 the more adventurous one?

Julie M. said...

You crack me up. You need a red bull when you're blogging so you have the energy to finish off those pictures!

That meal looks delicious and those horses look big! We don't have horses in Charlotte but we do have a strange man statue made from gold of some sort pointing down the road. I'm not sure what he's pointing at, maybe it's your horses.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Hey, I have to tell you that we ate Coconut Rice with our salmon while we were on the Llama Trek. Our guide was a gourmet cook! I thought of you when he told us what it was!