Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Fall

This man and I have one thing in common. We are both cold.

No, I'm not sick. It's just unusually cold in my office. Ridiculously cold, in my opinion.

I'm wearing a fall outfit today. I'm done trying to be a summer fashion icon. I'm moving on to fall clothes. I don't care if it feels like 106 outside. It feels like 64 inside, and that's fall.

Blogger World, I'm declaring August 11th the first day of fall.


Renee said...

where's the office thermostat? I would be bumping that thing up! Once at Church for VBS I had to use my keys to reach it cuz it was trapped in a plastic box, but I did move it up! he he

course it didn't stay there long because folks with way more insulation than me claimed they were hot and sweating. ARG!

I have a theory here... the fast food industry is trying to make us fat (and succeeding very well for most) which makes them more insulated, which makes them turn on the AC more, which produces more green house gasses, which makes it hotter outside, which makes it too hot to cook, so they eat more fast food.

TC said...

I wore sweaters half the summer to work. No lie.