Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's to Monday

This morning my neck hurts . Actually, yesterday it hurt all day but today it really hurts. Don't you hate when your back or neck hurts? You feel so old!

Currently, I cannot turn around. I can only see things directly in front of me. Driving to work was pretty interesting. I did a lot of trusting in God. I didn't know who I was pulling out in front of, and really could have cared less.

I started to get this way last night, not being able to turn around. Last night my dad threw his suitcase behind my car, before he came inside to see everyone. Ok, let's skip the obvious question- Why did your dad throw his suitcase behind your car? I know seriously, it's amazing I turned out this smart. Anyway, last night I had to move my car for my uncle and didn't realize my dad threw his suitcase behind my car; because who throws their suitcase behind a car? As you can guess, I ran over my dad's suitcase, and I really could have cared less. I'm telling you when my neck gets all messed up, I just stop caring about things. This morning, I shaved one leg before I realized the pain was too much and I could care less if both legs got shaved. Yes, I'm wearing pants today. And let's not even discuss my hair- half curl, half straight mess. Again, the pain was too much during the blow drying process. I finally said, whatever and went with half curl, half straight.

Right now, I'm counting down the minutes until 8am. At 8am, I'm going to visit my trusty chiropractor. A few years ago, this man was my favorite male in the whole wide world. It appears he is going to my favorite male in the whole wide world again. I just throw down the credit card and tell him to fix me. We have a great relationship.

SO, here's to you Monday! I can tell it's going to be awesome!


Renee said...

OUCH! I'm sorry you're in pain and I know that super scared feeling of driving when you can't turn. YIKES! I hope your Chiro can fix you up!

and why did dad throw the suitcase there? That's just too weird!

Cap'n John said...

As soon as I began reading this I was reminded of an episode of The Brady Bunch where someone allegedly suffering from whiplash is suing the Bradys. Then when you mentioned your Dad throwing his suitcase behind your car it really reminded me of The Brady Bunch, because (IIRC) that was how they won their case, by Mr. Brady throwing his case behind the plaintiff, who naturally turned his head to find the source of the sound. Only after realizing where he was (in Court) and what he'd done (shown he didn't really have whiplash) did the plaintiff half-heartedly grab his neck and moan.

Here's hoping your chiropractor can set you straight...pun intended ;)

OK Chick said...

Renee- I have no idea why my dad threw his suitcase behind my car. He said the neighbor needed his help while we was unloading his car. I guess he dropped everything and went to help.

Cap'n John- I've seen that episode. It's great when you can compare real life to a Brady Bunch episode. :)

TC said...

How are you feeling today? Better I hope!!!

I don't think a neck pain makes me feel old: Just weird!!!!