Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show and Tell during lunch

My lunch partners are MIA today. They do this every once in awhile; vanish without telling me. So today, it’s just me and my frozen meal, which consist of meatballs and hot applesauce. Seriously, why do they give us dessert in these frozen meals? Who likes hot applesauce? Really, raise your hand. Anyway, since I don’t want to look like a wack job and talk to my frozen meal, I decided to spend lunch with you guys, my Blogger Friends.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the feeling that I had nothing to wear; which is silly. I have enough clothes to cloth a village in Africa! But after work I went shopping. Now before you start judging me, know that I went shopping with my gift cards. I spent zero money.
Here are the shirts I purchased….

This shirt came from the clearance rack at Old Navy. It was $14.00, it had been $27.00. It's pretty light sweater so I thought it would be good for spring and fall. Then I remembered it would be good for summer as well. My office is sub-zero even in the dead of summer.
As you can see, I'm modeling the second shirt. Totally, kidding. The second shirt came from my favorite store Ann Taylor Loft. It too was living on the sale rack. Gotta love sales! I figured this shirt would be good for work, and I do not own anything this color. Ok, so in the picture this shirt looks yellow, mine is more of a yellow/green. It's a weird color, but I thought it would look good with black, white, or gray pants.

I bought another shirt at the Loft, but I couldn't find a picture online. It was only $9, and it's really cute. I'm sad there wasn't a picture to show you, because it was my favorite purchase. Oh well, imagine a yellow button up shirt with little flowers. Cute, huh?
Alright folks, lunch time is over. Thanks for spending lunch with me. It's been real.


Renee said...

very good shopping! I love the clearance favorite place to shop. I like your purchases too.

I don't know why they would put applesauce on your meal...can you cut it off before nuking it?

Ally said...

You'd like the outlets in my hometown....Ann Taylor Loft & Old Navy. Lots of cheap stuff. Yeah for a post with photos, btw.

TC said...

I love shopping with gift cards: it's a guilt-free way to get some new stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love Ann Taylor Loft! Still annoyed I forgot to go back there and buy things when I was out in March.

Scotty said...

SERIOUSLY. Who eats the hot applesauce. I always consider it a waste, and toss it.