Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday The Cousin....

This past weekend The Cousin had her 29th birthday. Since I’m trying to be a good relative this year, I felt it was appropriate to dedicate a birthday post to The Cousin. Also, she’s been a reader since day 1! She’s even helped me write post, and she’s inspired tons of post. SO as my good friend Elizabeth Barrett Browning always said, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…..

1) She’s my #1 emailer. Seriously, I start and end my day talking to her. We vent to each other all the time, which I appreciate greatly. For example, yesterday I sent her an email stating all the things that had annoyed me about yesterday. There were four things.
2) She knows everything that’s going on in Hollywood. I like to call her my straight Perez Hilton. Ok, not really, but the name kind of fits.
3) She’s my cousin! There’s no greater love than family love! We always keep each other in the loop on family news, and sometimes there’s a lot of news- big family.
4) The Cousin and I have big plans for her son. We are thinking he is going to be awesome at football and make it Pro. This means we get our beach house we’ve always wanted. Back in the good old days (3-4 years ago), we planned on our rich husbands buying us the house. Now, we’re banking on her son to buy us the house. We have about 12-13 years to get him awesome at football!
5) She’s a great example of the saying…when life throws you lemons you make lemonade. She’s a pretty strong girl if you ask me.

The Cousin, is a great cousin, one of the best! I’m very thankful she’s my cousin and friend! Besides, I have to keep her around so I can get that beach house. I’m kidding! But really, I want a beach house.

Happy Birthday The Cousin. By the way, your present is I watched Ameircan Idol last night. I know it's just what you wanted.


Ally said...

Great list....and I love that you guys' hopes and dreams are pinned to her son. Can I come visit?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cousin!!


Renee said...

which beach in OK are you building that house on? ;)


Happy Birthday Cousin!

monamachel1 said...

Ahh, thanks!!
Your birthday present is in my storage shed. You are more than welcome to go looking for it! My only hint is that the box is brown!

TC said...

I better get an invite to that beach house :)

Happy birthday, OK Chick's Cousin!!

Bone said...

Great pic!

I love your plan for the cousin's son to go pro! I want a beach house, too. Is there any chance we're distantly related? :)

Bone said...

Oh! Happy Birthday, The Cousin!

Scotty said...

Beach house?

How many cousins do you have?