Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

Today, I’m not really feeling the whole work thing. I’m trying hard to motivate myself and be a good worker; but I keep thinking of things to Google. For example, I’ve Googled how to make cheese, and now I’m trying to figure out why the stock market has tanked. Yes, I really did Google “how to make cheese” this morning. Right. Ah, moving on to my Weekend Update.

My friend Holly came over for dinner. We had a healthy chicken pot pie, healthy green beans, really unhealthy Mac-n-Cheese, and topped off the meal with some unhealthy ice cream. I suppose everything balanced out.
Most of the meal was discussing Holly’s wedding plans. She’s gettin’ hitched this summer. I’m very happy for Holly! I know she’s met a great man that makes her extremely happy.

Saturday was kind of a boring day. It wasn’t my typical OK Chick Saturday morning- no race. Though, I did clean my house and finished all my laundry. We are talking hardcore cleaning- dusting and shower duty; and we are talking hardcore laundry. I have now washed all my ski trip stuff. Shut up, I don’t want to hear it.
After I had exhausted every household chore it was off to Hometown, USA. I needed to return my washed ski stuff, see the fam, and eat some of my mom’s soup.
After a wonderful cup of soup I headed to Land of the Sooners. I was eating dinner with two dear friends. Since I’d already eaten I spent the meal sipping on Mango Ice Teas. I recommend Mango Ice Tea from Chili’s-pretty good. It was fun to catch up with my friends but I could have done without the dinner topic. The dinner topic was dating and being single. Now, on this blog I rant about being single, but I’m not really worried that I’m single. I can’t say it consumes my thoughts; but it was interesting to hear their opinions on the issue. I can’t say I added much to the conversation, which is how I drank 2 Mango Ice Teas and 2 Waters, but an enjoyable evening.

Exciting day! First, I started off my day with a run. My goal was to run 5 miles. HOWEVER, I rock so I ran 6 miles. I was way pumped! It’s the most miles I’ve ran in a while, and I did it in a decent time- not turtle pace. After all that excitement I taught my lovely 4th graders about the importance of obeying their parents. And then since I hadn’t had enough kids for the day, I went to a one year olds party. Man, it’s a big deal to turn one now days. There was a fancy cake, cupcakes, nachos, fruit, and tons of presents for the birthday girl. The poor girl was tired after opening all her presents. Heck, I’d be tired from opening all those presents. Fun times! So even though all this was super exciting, the highlight of the day was at the grocery store. Folks, I bought three boxes of Post cereal and a gallon of milk for $6.08. Yes, $6! I saved more money with coupons/store promotions than what I spent. Coupons people! Cou-pons!

There you have it….another typical weekend for OK Chick.


Ally said...

Nice work with the coupons. I love saving $$. And your googling sounds like how a lot of my "work" days begin. I swear Google has killed my productivity, but I know more random information than ever before.....

Renee said...

by any chance was your googling inspired by a certain facebook conversation? ;) I need to look up how to make cheese too. A friend found a recipe for making a lot of different things from one recipe, but she only posted the motz cheese recipe part. :p

sounds like you had a busy and productive deserve a break at work. ;)

thisgirlsjourney said...

I'm so fascinated by coupons in the States - you guys always seem to save so much money! Will have to check that out if/when I move out. Though I think my boyfriend thinks I'm tight so maybe coupons won't help that perception.

I don't eat cheese, but I have to admit the other day I was wondering if it's cheaper to make your own (and tastier) as cheese has gone up in price a lot here. Funny you actually googled it!

TC said...

It's a good thing those of you considering making your own cheese don't live in Wisconsin. I could never make my own cheese here: it would FAIL in comparison.

And man, I need to go grocery shopping with you!

OK Chick said...

No, Renee Sister #2 didn't spark my "how to make cheese" desire. I was looking on foodgwaker, and they had a recipe for homemade cheese. I guess I should send my cheese making knowledge to Sister #2.

TC- I would gladly go grocery shopping with you.

Scotty said...

Increased confidence in economy = stock market rise
Decreased confidence in economy = stock market fall

I think thats as simple as it gets. Fo sho.

I love coupons. Really.

OK Chick said...

Thanks Scotty. I feel like I'm back in MBA school. HA! Actually I learned all that in high school, but I was hoping to find maybe what Obama planned to do to help the economy, and what stocks would be good investments right now. They say gun manufactures.

Bone said...

Congrats on the run. The farthest I've run this year is 4.5 miles, so you have me beat.

They give a one-year-old nachos nowadays? I didn't even know what nachos were 'til I was 17.

Scotty said...

Guns? Really? I guess you had better protect yourself before you wreck yourself.

Obama, essentially, is printing money :) and is planning on spending that printed money. Notice things are getting a little cheaper than before? Deflation.