Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday afternoon my dad gave me two tickets to the Thunder game. I had begged for these tickets because last night Jazzercise was performing the Pre-game Show. I wanted to see my fellow Jazzercisers perform. So when my dad called me at 2:30 to say the tickets were mine- I was beside myself with excitement.

Usually when I’m given Thunder tickets, Sister #1 goes with me. She’s kind of my go-to- girl with this kind of stuff. However, yesterday she declined the invitation because she didn’t feel well. I think she waned to stay home to watch The Bachelor. I’m kidding she was really sick. Anyway, Sister #1 was out, which meant I had to begin the search for a seat partner. Below you will see my process of elimination….

2:45- Email MrT- no response so I move on to someone else.
3:15- Txt good college friend (girl) - has to work
3:17- Email good college friend’s brother - no response so I move on to someone else.
3:45- Email a church/running buddy- doesn’t feel like going to the game.
3:50- Hope MrT or good college friend’s brother email me back-which they don’t.
4:00- Txt another church/aerobics friend- she has a date. AHHH!
4:15- Txt Holly- can’t go already have plans.
4:30- Txt/email my go-to-guy friend- has to clean his room and the attic. WHAT!
4:35- Call my dad to see if he wants to go with me, since no one wants to go!

Now, as you can see I made an effort to find someone. I was at work so I had a limited number of email addresses and only a few hours to find someone. But even with those obstacles, I still should have been able to find SOMEONE. I didn’t think it would have been so difficult. I mean, I’m not asking for a date or marriage proposal, I’m just asking for someone to sit next to me at an NBA basketball game! It’s one basketball game, not even a commitment for multiple games.

Well, all this leads to one conclusion. Single Woman Seeks Friends. I need new friends. It’s not that I’m kicking the old ones to the curb, but the old ones are pretty much married/dated off. And that’s not a bad thing, but when I only have one ticket I can’t simply invite one of my married friends-trust me I’ve tried. This month I have a goal. By the end of this month, I want to meet three new single friends. All I’m looking for is someone that will sit next to me at an NBA game.

If you were wondering…Thunder thumped Maves, and I got to see Wes Welker at the game. That’s right the NFL dude! AND my dad was a great seat partner!


Renee said...

I'm glad your dad was able to go with you. perhaps that was how it was supposed to go.

I hope you find 3 new friends to hang out with or even better one new male friend so that you can be one of those married/dating people!

TC said...

Oh man do I feel your pain! This has been me sooooooooooo many times, only it's usually with badger tix instead. It's like "SERIOUSLY?!?! HOW HARD CAN IT BE?!?!" Apparently hard.

I think I need to move to OKC. Know anyone hiring?

Bone said...

I need new single friends, too. This is exactly the reason I didn't go see Steven Wright or Counting Crows last year.

Clean his room and the attic? Wow. That's weak. You need another go-to-guy.

Wait a second.... you're not a face painter, are you?

d.j. iverson said...

One of the ways I feel better about these incidents (that happen to us all) is by calling all of my married friends and inviting them when I know they can't come. Hearing my friends say they can't go to a baseball game because they are going to pottery barn with their spouse is priceless.

Ally said...

Yep, this is the downside of having married/coupled off friends. I hate to ask because they usually say no and I feel like I'm imposing somehow. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but when you need someone last minute like this it really stinks.

I think meeting 3 people is a good goal....

OK Chick said...

HA! Renee, I'm just hoping for some new friends.

TC, I noticed today there's a job fair. So it sounds like OKC companies are hiring. Oh, OKC schools are hiring 200 teachers. Can you become a teacher?

Bone, to my go-to-guy defense he did just move into a new house, but that's what the weekends are for.

DJ, I never thought of it that way. HA- your comment made me smile.

Ally, thanks. It's nice to have someone that agrees with me.

Scotty said...

I would have went.

And cleaning your room, is that really an excuse?

amy nickerson said...

If you ever need an NBA friend, I'm totally there. I totally feel your annoyance in this entire scenario. Been there/done that. Seriously though, we should hang out. I'll be another of your single friends :)

TC said...

Well, I can teach. I was a sub several years ago. I'm especially good at Spanish for middle schoolers. But I have to admit... I think they'd require me to actually have a license. Sigh.