Thursday, March 26, 2009


For the past ten days I’ve been raising Amish Friendship Bread. If you are completely clueless to what this means, let me give you a quick explanation. AFB is where a “friend” gives you a premade starter batch of bread, and for ten days you have to constantly mash or add ingredients to your starter batch. Finally, on the tenth day you are able to bake the bread. This is my second time to make Amish Friendship Bread; and once again, mine turned out horrible. I give up! I’m done with the freakin’ Amish! They need to develop another way to show friendship. I have four starters in my freezer. Anyone want them?

Yesterday at work, two coworkers and I spent the afternoon coloring a flow chart. To be completely honest, we sat in the executive conference room thinking about coloring a flow chart. We mostly talked about old coworkers, who I could date at work (which I’m against), former dating coworkers, and my coworker’s current boyfriend. Today, I think we are actually going to color the flow chart. I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of me dating, I have a friend that’s trying to play match-maker with me. She wants to set me up with a guy from her office, who I know. He seems nice, so I said sure. He and I have exchanged a couple emails, talked in person a few times, and he even came to my birthday party. But that’s it. Tuesday night he invited me to a Thunder game, but I had to decline. I’m sorry! I already had plans. Do you really think that if you invite me to something five hours before the event I’ll be free? Again, I do not sit at home and knit sweaters! I briefly saw him last night and he didn’t even acknowledge my existence. I’m thinking this short lived match-made is dead. No one should try to play match-maker unless they are me or The Millionaire Match-Maker. No one!

I just discovered the Mother of all cupcakes. Check this out:

Oh my word. Doesn’t that look amazing? It's a mint chocolate chip cupcake.

Funny story: Sister #1 has a friend who is currently looking for a job. She was searching online and noticed that a company called Company Confidential was hiring. Since it looked like they were hiring so much, she decided to send in her resume. When writing her cover letter she addressed it to: Company Confidential, and then went on to explain how she was very excited to work with Company Confidential. Now, my question to you. If you are HR do laugh at the cover letter, or do you call the person in for an interview just to see who wrote a cover letter to Company Confidential?

So on that story; I think I’m going to call it a day for my Ramblings….


amy nickerson said...

First off, I would laugh so much if we ever got a "Company Confidential" resume sent to our office! HAHA! And Second...where in the world is that cupcake from??!! I LOVE mint chocolate ANYTHING and that looks ridiculously amazing!

Renee said...

i hope that Sister #1 finds a great job!

that cupcake looks very yummy!

and I'm so sorry that your friend set you up with a social idiot. :p I would mention to friend that she should have a talk with Mr Clueless. I mean to be upset about you not dropping your plans to rush off with 5 hours notice...plueeze! Mention something about respect. He can't call it a're allowed to have a life.

Scotty said...

Did you make that cuppycake?

I want to eat it.

OK Chick said...

Amy- I found the cupcake on Foodgwaker.

Renee- Thanks. I believe Mr.Clueless just might be clueless. However, my coworkers seem to think I should give him a pass. I guess guys think girls drop all plans for them? I burst their bubble on that theory.

Scotty- No, didn't make the cupcake.

d.j. iverson said...
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d.j. iverson said...

Company Confidential is comedy gold.

As for the guy, cut him some slack. No he shouldn't get worked up about you not being able to go on a few hours notice, but he did step up and ask you out. If you want to give the guy another chance, my suggestion is to let him know you had plans that night, but you would like to go to a basketball game sometime. My money says the guy has tickets in hand within 24 hours. Just a thought.

Oh yeah, the cupcake looks really good.

TC said...

Recipe please!!!!!! :-D

Dude, I sit at home. Please pass along my contact information.

Maggie May said...

Can I have the cupcake? :) Hi, just browsing and found this page, was captivated with the chocolate!

Bone said...
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Bone said...

Oh man, the company confidential thing is hilarious. lol

And that cupcake does look amazing. That's like food porn.

I want to bite it.

OK Chick said...

Visit this blog for the cupcake recipe. If anyone cooks it, send me one. I'm for real!

Maggie May- thanks for stopping by.

DJ- Thanks for the advice.

TC said...

And that cupcake does look amazing. That's like food porn.

I want to bite it.


Bone cracks me up, though he makes more comments like that and we may have to alter his name.

Thanks for the recipe!!!!!

TC said...

Wait... did I miss something? That's not a recipe! It's just another teasing photo! :(