Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Fun Facts

This weekend the snow storm of the century is hitting my entire state. I kid you not. There’s a blizzard warning for tonight and tomorrow. Again, I kid you not. The weather people are FREAKING OUT! This morning on the news, they had every reporter out among the state. Of course, no one could report any new weather activity, but please have it noted that according to the weather people- we will be snowed in all weekend! ALL WEEKEND!

Ok, on to Friday Fun Facts. Today, I am dedicating FFF to some of my favorite musicians. These people were either part of my childhood years or teenage years. SO please enjoy, and feel free to use your new knowledge to impress coworkers, lovers, family members, or the homeless man on the street.

First up, today the lovely Mariah Carey is celebrating a birthday. The once turned actress is turning 39. I feel that everyone should honor Mariah by watching Glitter. Seriously, if we all watched Glitter this weekend, it’d boost sales 100%.

Next up, one of my favorite Oklahoma celebrities is celebrating a birthday. Reba McEntire is turning 54 this weekend. I like Reba because of her show, Reba. It is pretty cute. Judge me if you may, but it’s a cute show! Also, Reba and I went to the same basketball camp in Lindsay, Oklahoma. Of course, she went in the 70s and I went in the 90s, but you know we share that bond.

Two more birthdays, hang with me.

Third up, is MC Hammer. Can’t Touch This, is turning 46 is weekend. Anyone, near the age of mid-late 20s has fond memories of MC Hammer. The man invented parachute pants, which we all owned. WHATEVER! I know you owned and wore the pants.

Finally, I’d like to wish the head Blue’s Traveler dude a Happy Birthday. He’s turning 42. Sadly, I don’t know his name. But I know he plays a mean harmonica, started his career very overweight, and then lost about 200lbs. Good for him, and Happy Birthday.

As you can see, there are lots of birthdays today and this weekend. Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully, you have a great weekend, and hopefully I won’t see a blizzard.


Renee said...

You're getting the tail end of the storm that we just had. While folks in the mountains got quite a bit of it the further east it went the less snow it gave off. As for blizzard...I don't think that it had nearly the power to do it...I would call it a little old drunk lady blizzard...a very half hearted attempt at a blizzard.

However, since I'm not weather person I'll keep you and your state in my prayers. Folks seem to do the silliest things. I wish I had bought some soup for ours. We had a really good lasagne instead.

TC said...

The snow may be ruining my weekend plans, which does not make me happy. I'm ready for no snow!!!

Scotty said...

Snow? And here it is 100 degrees every day...

And, about the Hammer pants. In Europe, we saw no less than about 20-30 teen girls sporting them. No kidding. Maybe they're making a come back there.

Lori said...

If Gary says a blizzard is coming, I would plan for a blizzard!! And I did love the parachute pants back in the day (what were we thinking?)! Have a great weekend!

OK Chick said...

Renee- TH night the news people kept cutting into my shows to report the weather conditions in Denver. I thought of you often. I almost Facebook'd ya to see if you were still alive.

TC- Did snow ruin your weekend plans?

Scotty- Yup snow, but Sunday it was in the 70s. I got a major sunburn on my face! OK weather is constantly changing.
Does this mean that Hammer pants are coming back? I sure hope not. I think we can only handle that style once.

Lori- You know Lord Gary!