Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's gettin' hot in here

Today, half of my normal lunch partners were MIA. Since Lunch Partners #1-#3 were gone, #4 and I decided to go out for Thai Food. We both love Thai Food, and rarely get the chance to have it for lunch.

When the lunch bell rang…#4, another coworker we recruited, and I headed off to our favorite Thai place. #4 and I usually get Pad Thai, because we are unoriginal creatures. However, today I wanted to be adventurous. I decided to be a daring girl and try a new noodle dish. The new dish was surprisingly good, but a bit on the spicy side for my taste. #4 stuck to his safe Pad Thai. My other coworker had his normal spicy salmon with 3 stars of spiciness and extra peppers on the side. As you can see, my coworker likes it HOT, like superstar HOT!

As we were all eating our food, my coworker offered me a bite of his spicy salmon. I politely declined. I assumed one bite of the spicy salmon would cause my mouth to catch on fire, literally. Finally, after three minutes of convincing I decided to try one pepper off his plate. HOLY CAT FIGHT! My mouth was on fire. After my one bite, I drank all my water, chomped all my ice, and then started in on #4’s water/ice. My mouth was on fire! It was hurting so bad that #4 and I had to stop for ice cream on the way back to the office. Needles to say, I will not be trying any Thai Food that is above a one star! My pantie waste mouth can’t handle the HOT!


Holly said...

Eww...I hate to eat spicy food. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant last week and my food was so spicy Lance had to switch with me!

TC said...

You know what they say about a man who likes spicy food... ;-)

I need lunch partners.

Renee said...

TC: No I don't know what they say...please share.

and I loved the HOLY CAT FIGHT like...that will have me laughing all week! LOL!

I haven't tried Thai food before. I need to though. I had a noodle fun bowl at Whole foods a week ago and thought that it could use some more flavor.

I like some spicy, but not overboard. ;) I hope your mouth heals by dinner time.

OK Chick said...

Holly- I'm starting to think I hate spicy food too.

TC- Yeah, what do they say....

Renee- You like HOLY CAT FIGHT! I got that off of Housewives of NYC. I love those ladies.

Bone said...

Bone likes spicy chicken!

(Never had Thai food before though.)

Bone said...

Oh, I really like how you have everyone in your life numbered.

Guys #1-3. Lunch partners #1-4. I need to do that, starting with girls.


OK. Now taking applications for Girl #1.

OK Chick said...

Thanks Bone!

TC- I'm lucky to have my lunch partners, but the days they discuss my love life. I wish I ate alone. :)

TC said...

Seriously ladies, you're gonna make me tell you about him liking it hot elsewhere, too? *er*

I mean, men who like spicy food drink a lot of water. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Oh man, I have no love life so there is nothing for them to butt into :) I mean, if they were trying to set me up with someone, I'd be all for it.