Monday, March 23, 2009

Come along and ride on a fantasic voyage

Big weekend! Not only did OU win, but I turned 28. Yup, it was my birthday weekend.

My dear friend KC had me over for dinner. I love when KC cooks me dinner. A) A great cook and I always love the things KC prepares. B) Not offended when I show up sweaty from my aerobics classes. C) Sends me home with leftovers. See, an all around great evening when KC cooks!
After dinner I decided to go home and watch a movie. This particular Friday night, I decided to have Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson keep me company. The duo is in S.W.A.T, which I haven’t seen in a million years. I think it’s one of Colin’s better movies.

Most of Saturday was pretty uneventful. I watched lots of basketball and cooked a few meals to freeze. Recently, I discovered freezing premade meals. Last year I lived on Lean Cuisines. After a full year of LC, I’m sick of them. I cannot stand the thought of eating one for dinner. So this year I’ve been eating small frozen meals that I’ve precooked. Yes, I realize it sounds like I’m 80 years old, but I’m hungry at night and a sandwich just doesn’t cut it!

Saturday night was my birthday party. We dined at Buffalo Wild Wings, classy if you ask me, and I watched more basketball! It was a fun evening. When the games were over a smaller group and I headed to a local bar/restaurant to watch drunk people karaoke. It was pure comedy. My favorite was a guy who sang Jingle Bells.

My family celebrated my birth. My mom cooked lunch and Sister #2 baked my cake. Last year I had an awesome Easter Bunny cake, because my birthday fell on Easter. This year I received a strawberry cake. The whole meal was great! And the fam bought me great presents. Sister #1 bought me Tupperware, I was way pumped. Shut up, don’t laugh! Sister #2 bought me my favorite Jam and BBQ Sauce, and the parentals gave me money. You can never go wrong with money.

The highlight of the day, besides the food and presents, was running 8.5 miles. BOOOH YEA! I’m almost all trained for the half marathon. All around, it was a swell birthday weekend.


Renee said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! It sounds like a great weekend too.

and I don't think that making and freezing dinners is a bad idea at all. You could probably market your meals to other single folks like the Dream Dinners for one. ;) I bet they taste a lot better than LC too.

I used to get frozen meals for lunch and got very upset when they started using "mystery meat" instead of real food. :p

I hope you have a great week.

TC said...

You're the only person I know who would be excited about running that many miles on their birthday, lol.

I won't even buy lean cuisine brand anymore, lol. I ate soooooo many of them, I just cannot handle more. I don't think you sound 80 when you talk about cooking and freezing: I do it all.the.time!!!!! (Or maybe we're both just old, I mean wise, beyond our years!)

The being excited about Tupperware though... ;-)

Glad you had a great birthday and a wonderful weekend!

amy nickerson said...

Yay for good birthday weekends! I saw you running on were looking good! I was turning into Jim Robison and you had just passed it. At least I think it was you. I decided not to wave or anything because if it wasn't you, then I would have been this weird chick flagging down some runner and freaking her out. And that would have been slightly awkward :)

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to you, I am glad we are friends! I am looking forward to our celebration tomorrow night.

OK Chick said...

Renee- Thank you. I like the name Dream Dinners. Sister #1 and I have discussed opening that very busy. Well, not called Dream Dinners but cooking premade meals. I think it could be a gold mine.

TC-I have this thing for Tupperware. I love it! I know, I do sound old. I guess I'm 28 going on 80.

Amy- I suppose that would have been me trucking along. Next time stop and wave, and if you have water stop for sure. :)

Holly- I'm glad we are friends too! I can't wait to eat my Arby's sandwich tonight.

Ally said...

Happy happy (belated) birthday!! I'm glad your weekend was so fun.

I've been freezing some too....I make big batches of spaghetti meat sauce, divide it into single size portions, and freeze. I just take one out in the morning and take it to work and add a salad and bread. I just can't make myself eat those frozen meals even though it's not like they are bad--it's just the idea of it is so unappealing.

Congrats on the successful training!