Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I learned in 2008

Folks, we are hours away from greeting 2009. This morning Good Morning America showed all the wackos that spent the night in Time Square for tonight’s big celebration. I call them wackos because its butt freakin’ cold in NYC, and you’d have to be a nut job to spend the night on NYC streets! But that’s just me.
Anyway, 2008 is leaving us and 2009 is well on its way. Now, I could spend this post reviewing all the good/bad things that happened to the world in 2008. But I’m fully aware you lived through 2008 too, so no need to rehash the past. For that reason, I decided to share the things I learned throughout 2008. Again, the title of this blog is: This is my world. SO here are the top things I’ve learned this year.

First, the bad…
1. Even though you accept a date invitation it doesn’t mean you’ll actually be taken out on a date. This was a REAL eye opener!
2. I can only go three days, four days tops, with less than six hours of sleep. If I go over four days I become irritable, dizzy, gain a massive headache, and have the erg to hit everyone with a baseball bat.
3. The fine people at Starbucks make a difference in my life. I am placing this under bad because the fine people at Starbucks are expensive friends.
4. Overpriced extended cable is nice. Last night was a lonely night with only 10 channels, but then Eli Stone came on and I was happy.

Now, the good…
1. I am the multi-task/juggle queen. This year I juggled- work, school, church, aerobics, training for a half marathon, Relay for Life, and being somewhat social.
2. Despite what a certain guidance counselor told me in high school, I am smart.
3. Weekend trips are just as fun as long trips.
4. Blog stalking can help you reconnect with old college friends.
5. I can travel international all by myself.

As you can see, I learned quite a bit in 2008. I’m sure there’s more but at 8:11am I can’t seem to think of anything else. Of course this list excludes all the fancy MBA crap I learned too.
Blogger World I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year!


TC said...

I learned #1 on your bad list too!!!!

Have a great NYE! You have big plans?

Renee said...

I'm sorry about #1. He is missing out and you deserve someone much better.

And the guidance councelor who told you that you weren't smart should be fired! I don't think that any of us aren't smart, we just don't always apply ourselves very well. (and that's totally different from being stupid. - but that's another post.)

Have a very great NYE and a wonderful 2009!

Gina said...

I need 8 hours every night! I love the beach too, guess I am lucky it is only 10 minutes from me!