Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy Cow!

Last night was my last night of extended overpriced cable. I told you guys my cable plan, right? I ordered the extended overpriced cable package for the month of December, that way I could watch all the cheesy ABC Family and Lifetime Christmas movies. Then after Christmas I was going to downgrade to the unexcited 24 channel package. Don’t laugh! I’m saving $34 a month by downgrading and I was able to see all my Christmas movies. I watched two super cute Christmas movies on Lifetime, and no one was anorexic or a teenage mother in either movie. I honestly didn’t know Lifetime made movies without those storylines.

So how did I spend my last night with the overpriced cable? I watched a marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. Have you guys seen this show? It’s about Jon and Kate who have eight kids. Yes, you read right eight kids. They have a set of twins (the oldest) and then they have sextuplets- which brings their child count to eight. Before the overpriced cable was installed I had only seen the show a few times. However, last night’s marathon caught me up on the whole season. I cannot imagine having eight kids. Oh.My.Word! I mean, my grandma had seven kids but they were different ages. I don’t know about having two the same age and six the same age. Also, how do they tell the kids apart? Ok, so they look different now, but when they were babies I’m sure they didn’t. I would have to label them for the first few months so I could tell them apart.

I suppose watching four hours of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reaffirmed that I do not want eight kids. I didn’t ever want eight kids, but now I know for sure I don’t want eight kids. Unless TLC is going to do a show about my family and pay for us to go to Disney World, Hawaii, fly me to NYC for a make-over, and give us lots of free toys. Now if that’s the case I might be willing to pop out eight kids. But only if I get my own show!


monamachel1 said...

I love that show!! I also watch it all the time. I think I could handle that family a lot better if Maddy wasn't in it!! I like that show because they really seem like a normal family instead of a "robot" family like some of the others!!
RIP cable!!

Renee said...

I know that I don't want that many kids either. My one and only DD is plenty!
However, it isn't as if this woman planned to have 8. She got a bonus each pregnancy! LOL!
I've never seen the show cuz we won't fork out the cash for the expanded cable. And I've just learned that when they do the switch to digital cable in Feb, we won't be getting any thing different. sigh! But honestly with what we have now DH drives us NUTS with the channel surfing...I cannot imagine us not killing him if there were more.

TC said...

I honestly didn’t know Lifetime made movies without those storylines.


I remember seeing one once where the WOMAN was the "bad guy" abusing the man or something in the relationship, and my Dad and I about died, lol. My Mom wasn't nearly as amused as we were O:)

I've always wanted four kids. Now days I think I'm gonna be lucky to get any.

Emily said...

Lindsy, you would have know all about that show if you had the full package of digital cable on two t.v.s and DVR like me. Don't hate...I'm a stay at home mom. We need cartoons on 24/7.

I used to hate JandK+8 but I have come to love it. I meant to DVR the marathon but forgot.

Scotty said...

Ha! Have you seen the other one with EIGHTEEN kids?! The Dugger family is their name...

Seriously. And the mom had THEM ALL.

Ally said...

Hilarious. I'm not sure I watched a single Christmas movie on television, although I finally made myself watch Elf.

I'm proud that Lifetime managed to show two movies that weren't about women being victims or dying.