Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Blogger World, I survived Christmas. I survived the hustle and bustle of seeing the whole family, attending parties, eating food, and of course- opening all my presents. It was a world whim Christmas. This year I was only able to spend two days in Arkansas, opposed to the normal week. I had to be a big girl and come back to work. Responsibility is not all that it’s cracked up to be-just FYI. Even though my time was short with the fam, I still managed to have some highlights. Here are the highlights from Ok Chick’s Christmas…

Before we headed to Arkansas Sister #1, Sister #2, and myself opened presents with our parents. The highlight at this event was the present my mom received from my dad. My father bought my mom some Wrangle type jeans-you know the cowgirl jeans. This is funny for many reasons: #1- my mom has NEVER worn Wrangle cowgirl type jeans-NEVER! None of us own cowboy boots. #2- my dad bought the jeans two sizes too big. They've been married for a jillion years-he should know her size by now. #3- my dad admitted that he went to Langston’s because the mall was way too crowded and he didn’t want to fight the crowd.

The first party we attended in Arkansas was my great grandma’s Christmas party. The party was held at a local restaurant, The Broadway. When the waitress brought out the drinks I noticed something floating in my grandpa’s drink. I decided to grab my unused somewhat dirty spoon to fish out the floating substance. When I finally fished out the ice I realized a cigarette ash was stuck to the ice. Sister #1, Sister #2, and I laughed and tried to take a picture of the dirty cigarette ash ice. I figured it was a blog worthily story. However, the picture didn’t come out. But then after a couple seconds I realized if there were cigarette ashes in my grandpa’s drink, there’s a good chance some were in my drink. Needless to say, I didn’t drink anything the whole night.

Christmas Day was Christmas with my dad’s family. Since that side of the family is huge, we play Dirty Santa. Last year was the first year to play Dirty Santa, so everyone was learning the game. But this year, the gloves were off and it was every man for himself. For example, The Cousin stole a present from our great grandma. Our great grandma didn’t quite understand the game, and didn’t appreciate The Cousin stealing her Arbonne Body Wash. I thought it was hilarious! After I realized we were playing for real I got mean. I actually stole two different presents from the same aunt because she liked the gifts. One of the present, Razorback towels, I was hoping to keep, but someone stole them from me.

So…two days in Arkansas, a dozen presents opened, 1,000,000 calories consumed, and a couple verbal fights with my Garmin lady, and its back to the real world. Next year I’m wishing for a Christmas break that last two weeks.


Renee said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

Your dad is so thoughtful, now your mom gets to fight the returns crowds to get rid of a present that doesn't fit. I hope she remembers to be just as thoughtful for him next year. hummm Maybe I should add shopping rules to my Rules list.

I had to LOL about your argument with your Garmin lady. My friend has GPS on her cell phone and she argues with her much so that she calls her "evil Michelle." Sometimes I think that I might like to have GPS. But since I'm cheap, using Google Maps online is working pretty good for me.

Bone said...

Ha. My sister's husband was having a tussle with the TomTom girl Christmas afternoon.

Loved your dad story. He should get points for at least trying.

I'm right there with you on the million calories. I think I ate 25 Christmas cookies yesterday afternoon. What? They were little. And they had those little red and green sugar sprinkles on them.

ann said...

Ooooooh my.... you didn't happen to be in Prescott Arkansas, did you? The Broadway... cigarette ash... no way.

OK Chick said...

Ann- SHUT UP! How do you even know the town?

Renee- My dad never buys my mom clothes that fit. I guess my mom is happy that he buys her lots of things.

Bone- I ate 7 cookies yesterday. BUT they were small, and I went to aerobics. I figured I'm good.

TC said...

Sounds like a good Christmas. Welcome back.

auntlinda34 said...

that was so funny!!! Some got kinda mad I think?? But was "dirty santa" and I thought it was FUNNY!! Yeah Grandma did want that gold bag pretty bad!!! It was nice seeing you but, I don't ever get to talk to you much..we need to get together more than one time a year! too many people to catch up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!