Tuesday, October 14, 2008


No Weekend Update this week. I have decided I will not do another Weekend Update until I have an exciting weekend. You can only spruce up weekend events like sitting at home Friday and Saturday nights for so long. Blogger World I’m going to be honest, after awhile you run out creative ways to describe sitting on the couch. But I promise, soon and very soon I will have an exciting weekend. I can’t give you an exact date, but surely something will come along. I’m not a complete social outcast. I did have one highlight from this past weekend I would like to share. I went to dinner with my friend Holly and Julie. Now see, I can’t make that one event into an entire post, hence why I’m nixing Weekend Update for awhile. So with all that said, I’ve decided today seems like a Ramblings.

Running Update- I’m still trucking along with my ½ Marathon training. Sunday BEFORE church I ran 6 miles. I would like it noted that I got up at 6:15 to go run. I was very proud of myself; not for getting up early but for running 6 miles. It took me forever to run six miles but I did it! Of course, all day Monday I was starving. I know, you would think Sunday I would eat everything in sight. Nope, not my body. I think it’s on some type of delayed reaction.

Tonight is the first preseason basketball game for The Thunder. Who is The Thunder you ask? Well, The Thunder is OKC’s new NBA team. You might remember them as the Super Sonics. The game is a pretty big deal to the media, but not a huge deal to normal people because it’s a preseason game. I will not be attending the game for a couple reasons. First of all, I have bible study tonight. It’s my first meeting with this group so I should probably be there. Second of all and this is the most important, I don’t have tickets. When OKC was babysitting the Hornets I was able to go to many games. But this year all my basketball partners, people that received free tickets all the time and invited me, have significant others. Needless to say, I have been dumped for their significant others.

Last night I tried two new healthy recipes. I made Chicken Pot Pie and Chilly Chocolate Cheesecakes Nuggets. OH MY GOODNESS! The Chilly Chocolate Cheesecakes Nuggets were A-MAZING! My buddy TC pointed out the recipe from our cookbook. She thought it might be something I would like, and boy was she right! I highly recommend this to anyone! TC and I found the recipe in our cool Hungry Girl cookbook. If you don’t have a Hungry Girl cookbook, then I strongly feel that you should go get one.

It’s fall here in OKC. The high for today is only supposed to be in the high 60s. It’s perfect fall weather if you ask me. However, in my office it’s -2. My office is always cold. I try to prepare for the coldness every morning and this morning I thought I had done well. For instance, I am wearing pants, boots, socks, and two shirts. But that isn’t enough. I had to put on my big green sweater that doesn’t go with my red shirt, to help me stay warm. Yes, I currently look like a Christmas tree. I know this because 5 people have stopped by my office to tell me! You know, I’m not a C.E.O, or a C.F.O, or even a C.O.O but dang it- if they would turn down the air they might be able to pay us more money! I’m thinking if I bust out my gloves and scarf they might get the idea. I’m not being dramatic, it’s really cold.

Sadly, this Ramblings must come to an end. I hear my turkey sandwich calling my name!


monamachel1 said...

If you don't have an exciting weekend coming, you are invited to go to a parade Sat morning then watch my 6 year old in a dog show with a four pound mutt puppy dressed like batman and robin!
I thought about the running thing then I heard Ryan Reynolds talk about bleeding nipples. I'm not taking chances!!
I have been ditched for significate others too. My friends are now female or I am forced to be the third wheel!! I was lucky Sat night because one of the significate others was out of town. I almost feel special!!
I now keep a jacket and big fuzzy socks in my office. I am going this weekend to buy a little space heater!! I blame it on the fat people and old women!!

Renee said...

It seems that every office that my poor DH has had has the air vent directed at his desk. When we were moving to WY, his buddies gave him gloves to wear at his desk because he used to wear his coat at his desk in TX.

Yeah, my weekends are pretty hohum too. no worries.

TC said...

If it makes you feel better... I spent my Saturday night baking cookies. Of course, Friday night was volleyball. But I came pretty much straight home from that and went to bed as I wasn't feeling so hot and had to kind of force myself to go.

I love the blog shout-out :) And those CCCN are soooooo good. I could not believe how good they were when I first made them. I would recommend them for anyone who likes chocolate.

amy nickerson said...

I thought that was you that I waved to when I went running Sunday morning! Honestly, I was so dazed b/c I was not having a good run that I couldn't tell if it was you or not! Do you live in Smiling Hills?

Bone said...

It is always cold where I work, too. I shiver non-stop. OK, I don't shiver because I'm a guy. But my teeth chatter. OK, I'm exaggerating, but it's still cold.

If I wanted to work in conditions this cold, I'd chase my dream by moving to Alaska and being on Deadliest Catch.

Holly said...

My office is nice and toasty thanks to my space heater which runs 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

OK Chick said...

Mona- Maybe I need warm fuzzy socks. I haven't thought of socks! Good idea.

Renee- All the guys in my office wear their jackets.

TC- It does make me feel better that you spent your Saturday night making cookies. I made muffins on Saturday night for my Sunday School kids.

Amy- You looked like you were having a good run to me. Yes, I live in that area.

Bone- Guys can shiver.

Holly- Can I borrow your space heater.

auntlinda34 said...
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auntlinda34 said...

sorry..had to trash that one did not spell check first...SO.. My question was....when am I going to get to see my fav niece? (Mona is my fav also) You know if you came to Arkansas you would have LOTS of EXCITING things to write about!

Stacey said...

I realized the recently that I can easily go from Friday night to Sunday morning without seeing or talking to another living soul that I know. What's even sadder is that I rarely notice.

On the upside, you have cool Saturday night plans in about a week. You have something to look forward to. ;o)