Monday, October 27, 2008

One down, one to go

Blogger World, you are in for another treat; a post from layover land. I have been blessed with a 6 hour layover, yes 6 hour layover. Really, does it get any better than a 6 hour layover? I’m currently, parked in a nice restaurant here in layover land. I have found myself a cozy booth here at Wolfgang Punk’s restaurant. I swear any minute Wolfgang himself is going to pop out from the back and whip me up an amazing meal!
I’m about fours hours into SCT #6 and have already had many random thoughts. So without farther ado here is OK Chick’s Travel Thoughts….

Wow that’s my pilot! WOW that’s my copilot. Where are these guys hiding? Mental Note: Must meet a cute pilot someday.

Delayed 15 minutes. YES! I guess that means that my layover will now be 5 hours and 45 minutes. I can with work five hours.

Must.Get.Nonfat Chai.Now! Random coffee house you aren’t Strabucks but you are close enough.

Another one. Are all pilots cute? Maybe I should make a career move to become a pilot? Oh he even likes coffee. I guess everyone likes coffee, but he likes the random coffee house too. We already have common ground.

Why does she look so pretty? What is it with women who can travel beautiful? You can’t even tell she’s been on a flight. Her hair, makeup, and clothes look perfect. What is her secret? I don’t travel pretty. I look like death after I get off a flight. Well not really death because I look like death after I run. I guess you could classify the look as close to death. When I land in Japan I will look like death. I’m sorry I cannot travel for 24 hours and come out looking hot. Sorry, I don’t roll like that.

Food dilemma. I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat something now. Do I eat a small snack right now or do I just cave and eat lunch? Solution… Open the beef jerky I brought for my friends. Sorry guys..I’m hungry.

So no one talks anymore. I’ve been watching people walk by the restaurant and everyone has their nose in their phone or computer. Ummm kind of like me.

I guess that’s all the thoughts I’ve had. I thought there was more, but for some reason they have escaped my mind. It’s probably because I’m pretty beat! Flights are hard on the old body.


Holly said...

Sounds like you are having fun on your layover. Instead of a pilot you could become a flight attendant. It might be easier.

TC said...

What is it with women who can travel beautiful?

Oh those women drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not one of those women. I do not look good when I get off a plane. I look like I've been traveling for hours - which is really the way it should be! Everyone should look like they've been traveling! Uff da!

Glad you're enjoying MSP: it's a great airport! (I so wish Madison had as great of an airport as MSP, but then sadly, Madison would have to get large enough to need an airport like MSP.) Oh, and while you're there... I really recommend you hit up Caribou. I think they have wayyyyyyyyyyyy better coffee than Starbucks :)

TC said...

Oh and I too have often had the same thought about pilots. Even some guys I've known who have wanted to become pilots are hot. It's like a job requirement or something.

monamachel1 said...

When I was 19 I was the weekend receptionist for the private airport. The part of the airport where only the private jets come in. It was super boring since it was in JOMO however, sometimes some really hot guys would come in. They were either pilots, there for flying lessons, or rich!! You should think of something like that! I would really all day just sit and talk on the phone with my friends. however, now days they have these silly things called computers!

Renee said...

My experience with pilots... Military pilots are all jerks...too full of themselves. Most commercial pilots are former military pilots. (no, they don't loose that jerk part.)
the non-commerical pilots that I've known have all been pretty is my DH, another is my BIL and another is a guy at my Church.
But they've all been pretty cute...I do think it's a requirement.

I don't travel pretty either... But I've seen women on the plane go to the lavatory to try to freshen's funny.

OK Chick said...

Holly- I wish you were my travel buddy again.


TC- That's the coffee I had. Well, it's where I got my Chai. It was good. Lots of sugar but that was ok.

Renee- Are these guys single. You know two single girls!!!

heather hub said...

OK, where is your layover? Important info that you left out.

Also, this blog reminded me of the re-meeting of Krody Nickerspeers. After we flew for hours and hours back from Hawaii, she was the only one getting off the plane with full make up and cute clothes. And there was Kody, waiting with a rose. Ahhhhhh....

TC said...

Renee: I second that question... know any single pilots for us single girls that you know and adore who love to travel? :-)

Scotty said...

A SIX HOUR layover? I hope you're able to keep entertained. But then again, the airport has to be the BEST place to people watch.

Why pilots? Do you know what their schedule is like? They get ludicrous amounts of sleep, they have to by law. Plus, most work less than half the week.

I mean, seriously, what would you do with the rest of your time. You take care of yourself, and get plenty of sleep.

I should have been a pilot.

Stacey said...

Seriously, you should consider the flight attendant idea. I work with a former flight attendant. They get pretty good travel perks. ;o)

Bone said...

Yeah, I look like death after I run, too. Everytime I wonder why I haven't been picking up any cute chicks on the track, I just check my rear view mirror when I get back in the car.

Have a fun trip!

OK Chick said...

Hub- I feel so lost without you and Patrick here with me. Who's going to ride the train with me? Actually, ML lives far from the train station so I'm walking. By the way, Mito Train Station looks way different. Mito, itself looks different. They have a Holiday Inn now!!! But after I take my shower I'm off to Uni Qlo. I'm so pumped! I'm buying socks.
My layover wasn't in your city. It way up north.

Scotty- It's not to late to become a pilot. Think about it.. :)

TC said...

Do we get updates from Japan?

Scotty said...

We better.