Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday Fun Facts & Weekend Update

Alright, I realize I’ve been a bad blogger this past week-I’m sorry. However, I have a pretty valid excuse. I mean, I’m going to Japan tomorrow. Last week’s schedule was pretty hectic. But now I’m done packing and thought I’d post something for all my lovely readers. Folks, you are in for a treat. First, you are getting a Sunday post, which never happens here at This is my world. Second, I’m just going to combine Friday Fun Facts and Weekend Update. SO really you are getting two posts in one. Hopefully, this can hold you over.

Friday Fun Fact
We had some big celebrations this past week. Did you guys realize that Oct. 19-24 was National Businesswomen’s Week? Yeah, me neither! As a businesswoman it would have been nice to know this information. If I would have known, I would have been celebrating ALL week. I might have sent myself flowers, eaten a brownie or two, bought a new outfit, or gone out to eat. I suppose there’s always next week.
Also, this past week iPod Day was observed. Thursday, was iPod day. Again, I was pretty bummed I wasn’t aware of this observation. I love Little Shuffle, and I would have loved celebrating iPod Day with him. Actually, I did celebrate with Little Shuffle, I went running Thursday.

Weekend Update
I guess my weekend is pretty much over. I can’t think of anything that will happen from now until tonight, so I feel pretty safe posting Weekend Update. Also, it was another low key weekend, which is fine since I have a busy week ahead of me. SOOO let’s jump into Weekend Update….

My wonderful friend Holly came over for dinner. I was excited that Holly was ok with just coming over for dinner instead of going to the Greek Festival, like we had planned. But we had a nice peaceful dinner in the comfort of my house.

I started the packing process. Actually, I’m a pretty fast packer. I know some people hate packing and drag it out, but I can pack for a trip in thirty minutes. I feel it’s due to my frequent trips to Arkansas. Saturday was full of buying last minute things for Japan, packing, and watching football. I became unproductive at the end of the OSU/TX game. It was a good game! After the football game was over it was off to a Halloween party. My friend Stacey throws great Halloween parties. The party involved food and a movie, two of my favorite things. We watched the movie The Lost Boys. I had never seen the movie. It was ok. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it, but I did sit through the whole thing.

This morning at church the kiddos received two new memory verses. I was pretty excited that everyone was able to memorize the first verse this morning. I promised the kids if they had both verses down when I got back, a Japanese souvenir would be handed out. I’m thinking chopsticks. Actually, I’m thinking chopsticks for everyone. I think chopsticks are cool.
Well that's about all that has happened today.

Blogger World, if you would excuse me my dishwasher needs to be unloaded. I know it's not glamorous, but you has to be done.


TC said...

Have a wonderful trip! We'll be waiting eagerly for updates when you get back :)

P.S. I'm over the tofu shirataki. Seriously. I've tried two recipes (chicken noodle soup and the spaghetti pie) and I haven't liked either. Oh well. The French Onion soup is totally worth it though. As I'm sure you'll be really eager to cook when you get home ;-)

heather hub said...

have a GREAT time in japan! i'm jealous. tell ML i said hello! and eat some nato, it's good for you.

Renee said...

Have an awesome trip, make lots of memories and take lots of pictures.

I pack pretty fast too, but it's cuz I make a chart (yeah, I'm an A-type personality...why do you ask?) I put each day and everything that I'll need down to the it up and I have it 3 shirts, 3 bras, 3 undies, 3 get the idea. LOL!