Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Morning America!

Quick update. First, I would like to say I am alive. I made it here in one piece. The 12 hour flight was a killer but Tylenol PM pulled me through. God Bless Tylenol PM! Remind me to spend them a quick thank you note when I get back.

I’m on Day #2 of SCT #6. It’s early in the morning here. Fine, it’s 9am. But I woke up at 8. I’m still on America time, and more than likely won’t get on Japanese time until the day I go back home. I guess that’s what you get when you travel international for a short period of time.

Anyway, it’s been quite the adventure. Yesterday I spent most of the day walking up one street. Today, I plan to walk the other direction. When you don’t remember a single word of Japanese, and don’t know the area very well; it’s best to stay close to where you are staying. I hate that I don’t remember Japanese. I spent a month in Japan when I was in college. I guess this time, I assumed when I stepped foot off the plane all the Japanese would come back to me. It was a stupid assumption; because I didn’t know Japanese when I was here the first time. Ask my friend Hub. Everyone laughed at me because I sounded like a redneck trying to speak Japanese. As you can imagine, the Japanese people couldn’t understand what I was trying to say to them. I guess it was funny. But, I probably should have looked over my Japanese language book before I came over here. It would have been something useful to do on the 12-hour flight. Currently, when people start speaking Japanese at me I get this deer in the headlights look. I believe they quickly realize I’m a stupid American that doesn’t know anything about the language. Yea, I’m being one of those Americans.

But besides that minor detail I’m doing great. Yesterday I went shopping at my favorite Japanese store- UniQlo. I bought socks. The first night I was here I was so out of it, and my friends mentioned UniQlo being close, which made me quickly perked up. I only had to hear directions once before I had it memorized how to get to UniQlo. I'm proud to report I was the first customer at UniQlo. They open at 11 and I was there at 10:30 waiting for the doors to open. Good socks are hard to find!

Last night two of my friends and I went to eat dinner with my host family. My host family took care of me for over a month when I was here in college. They were a great host family. They spoke English and my host mom was an amazing cook. Last night she cooked dinner for us and I was able to see pictures and hear stories of my host sisters. It was a great night!

So there you have it…day 1 of this fab trip. But I’m afraid this post must come to an end because I need a shower. I’m totally loving the Japanese showers and toilets. My friend has a heated toilet seat. SOMEONE, please explain to me why we don’t have those in America?


TC said...

Heated toilet seats?!?! Sounds awesome!!! Not what I've heard about Japan's toilets!

Sorry you're suffering with not being able to speak the language, but hope you are having fun!

Scotty said...

Whats so special about these socks?!

Renee said...

Jet lag is a killer. It's no fun trying to function when you would rather sleep...for a few days!
Oh and language, that's no fun either.

Your night with your Host family sounds awesome though. I hope the rest of your stay is as pleasant.

and tell us more about these heated seats! That sounds totally awesome. I've always wondered why someone couldn't come up with a heated shower...the walls are heated so the air that hits you when you aren't directly in the water is warm!

auntlinda34 said...
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auntlinda34 said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing ok....I do think I remember you talking to me in Spanese one time?