Monday, June 30, 2008

Keep It Spiritual Make It Fun

This morning I wrote and mailed a letter to Sister #2. This week she’s having lots of fun at church camp. As I wrote her letter I was reminded of all the fun times I had at church camp. Growing up I loved church camp! It was my favorite thing in the summer. After school was out for the summer I started getting excited about church camp. Heck, my friends and I would start talking camp outfits the whole week before camp! It was the highlight of the youth group summer, and mine as well.

My church camp wasn’t anything fancy. It wasn’t like my Baptist friends church camp. They had a swimming pool as there’s. Nope, my camp was ghetto fabulous! I remember the first time my mom dropped one of us off at camp. Sister #1 was the first of us three to attend church camp. When my parents pulled up to the camp, my mom was scared to death to leave her there and she was positive that Sister #1 would have a horrible time. But my mom was wrong….not only did Sister #1 have fun, but a few weeks later I attended and had a blast. But we didn't need a fancy church camp. We still had fun and made life long friends. I have camp friends that I still talk to almost weekly. It's those friendships that will last forever, or I hope they will.

Since 1994 my parents have been making a two hour drive to drop one of their daughters off at church camp, sometimes they made the drive more than once a year. But I am thankful that they make the drive for my sisters and I. Church camp will always be a great memory for me. Someday I hope to drop my kids off at church camp where they can create their own memories.


auntlinda34 said...

Do boys and girls still swim seperate and you have to be covered from shoulders to knees to walk to the pool??????

monamachel1 said...

I also loved my church camp. Me and my friend started this thing that was totally silly but we loved it. We would have a 101 days till camp countdown!! Yep, starting at 101, we would count down till camp started!!! We had a whole tradition with silly things we would do every year.
Now for the sad part. The last tornado that came through, it totally distroyed the camp. Everything is gone. I actually cried when I heard about it. It was a big part of my history gone.

TC said...

I wish I had had something like that to go to: sounds like a blast.

I often think the simplest memories are the best, you know?

Renee said...

camp is cool! I wish that I could still go. When I drop DD off they have to practically throw me out cuz I wanna stay. LOL!

DD thinks that I should try to be a councelor, but I don't think they'll let me...I would probably get stuck working in the kitchen...blech! who wants to do that???