Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Father of 3 Girls

Sunday was Father's Day. I'm blessed with an awesome dad, but you do have to wonder what the man did in young years to be blessed with three girls! The poor man never had a son! Anyway, here are some of the things my dad received from his 3 girls + my mom on Father's Day:

Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Fly Swatter
Dish Towels
Coffee for his single coffee maker
Body Spray
Trip to Austin for a race

The lesson here is
: be nice in your young age; otherwise God will punish you with three girls who buy you sheets, dish towels, and body spray as Father's Day presents. HAHA! I'm kidding my dad loved his presents. He actually fell asleep, while watching Sister #2 and I play Guitar Hero, covered in his new sheets!
Sidenote: please do not feel sorry for my dad b/c of the girls in his house. He plays golf, snow skis, and runs all the time. Oh and now he's biking...so the man gets plenty of guy time.


TC said...

I think your Dad probably doesn't have it so bad if he has three daughters like you :)

But a friend of mine wants boys and no one in his family gets boys, so he jokes about having a basketball team and we keep telling him he's going to get one... of all girls.

Anonymous said...

Sister, you forgot the pot-holder, but in my defense for buying him girly things... the products did say, "Danger men cooking".
~Sister #1

auntlinda34 said...

isn't it weird..he had 3 girls..(he is the oldest) sister 1 had 3 boys..middle 2 kids (myself and BJ had 1 boy..1 girl..5th son in line had 2 girls..youngest son has a son..thought for sure he would have all girls too??