Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridget Jones is my hero!

Tuesday night I came in from class to find Sister #1 watching Bridget Jones Diary II. I watched the last thirty minutes of the funny movie and realized Bridge Jones is my hero! Actually, I think Bridget and I are very similar Ok, well minus the smoking, big boobs, and two hot guys fighting after me. Hey, I didn't say we were twins. But I did decide that if my life could be written into a chick flick I would want Bridget Jones II to be my movie. It seems that Bridget has everything figured out. So Bridget Jones, this post is for you.

Who cares what others think
While watching the movie I realized, instead of giving up when I encounter bad luck I should push forward. Bridget did and it worked out for her! Who cares what people think of me! I spend too much time wondering what others think of me. If I want to do something or wear something and it doesn’t go as well as planned…who cares! I mean, who cares if I get stuck in a forgein prison for trying to smuggle drugs.

Making the Best
I should make the best of every situation. If I'm stuck in prison, which hopefully will NEVER happen, I should teach my fellow inmates how to sing Madonna just like Bridget Jones. I should always look for the good, not think about the bad.

Bridget has it going on with love. Have you seen the two guys that go after her? If it doesn't work out with one guy...wait around for the next guy. Bridget knows that there is always something better waiting around the corner!

Eat whatever you want! Curves are better! See, this is why I like Bridget. She's my kind of gal.

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Renee said...

Atta girl!

I've read both Bridget Jones books and I'm not quite sure she's got it all together yet...but she's getting there.

I think the biggest part of growing up is realizing that there is no point in worrying about what others are thinking of you, because most of the time they aren't...and if they are, what are the chances you'll really see them again?

Your true friends will accept you as is, or at least keep you from buying the zebra stipped pants in the first place!